• Cyber Forensics: A Boon For The Corporates & A Bane For The Fraudsters
  • 10 Most Promising Cyber Forensics Service Providers - 2023

    The Ticking Time Bomb Over Our Head Last two years were the ears of mass digitalization. Covid has turned everything upside down that, leaving us bewildered to see the many technological revolutions sweeping our country, which we never expecting. Today, with UPI apps filling even the smallest panipuri shop in the area and even buses being connected to UPI by specific aaps we could proudly say that citizens of one of the most populated third world country has got digitalized defeating age, literacy and social status. But with the positive outcomes there have been negative outcomes also, to make the cumulative, a neutral. With each and every minute detail of our data entering into digital world, the threat of breaching homes have become an old story, giving its place to breaching...

10 Most Promising Cyber Forensics Service Providers - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cyber Ops InfoSec Cyber Ops InfoSec Mukesh Choudhary, Founder & CEO The domain pioneers who thrive to build empowering cyberspace offering discrete products and services to build a resilient security architecture
CyberPWN Technologies CyberPWN Technologies Sambit Garnaik , Founder & CEO A Next-Gen Digital Defense Consulting and Services firm, cyber security experts having more than two decades of cyber security domain experience
CyRAACS CyRAACS Suresh Iyer , Co-Founder & CEO A Cyber Risk Advisory and Consulting Services providing robust and sustainable cybersecurity solutions to organizations specialized in cybersecurity, data security, Data Protection, Cyber Forensics and more
ESec Forte® ESec Forte® Sachin Kumar, Co-Founder A CMMi Level three certified Global Consulting and IT Security Services company with offerings across Cloud Security, Cyber Forensics, Malware Detection, Red Team Assessment, Security Operations Control, IOT Security and many
Hicube Infosec Hicube Infosec Tasfiya Ahmad, Cyber Security Specialist A positive step towards this direction of managing and securing web network and systems without any hassle of data leakage by foreign intrusion
India CSSI India CSSI Sundeep Saini, Chief Operating Officer The firm is indulged in data recovery, digital forensics, cyber security awareness programs and has successfully delivered complex technology across continents and multiple time zones for more than 26 years
Kratikal Kratikal Pavan Kushwaha, Founder & CEO An end-to-end cyber security solutions provider specialized in cyber security services, vulnerability management, security compliance management, anti-ransomware services and more
Precise Testing Solution Precise Testing Solution Vikash Kumar, CTO & Founder A software testing firm striving to provide its clients with the best-in-class quality assurance that is organized, systematic, and based on the most recent techs in the industry
Proaxis Solutions Proaxis Solutions Harini Girish, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer The company offers a single window solutions for a wide range of nextgen Cyber Security and Forensics services
Skylark Information Technologies Skylark Information Technologies S. Kumar, Executive Director A System Integrated(SI) company with 26 years of experience in IT Services and strong experience in Digital Technology Solutions offering Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Networking, Cybersecurity Solutions, IT Services and Blockchain Solutions