Prakruthi Recycling: Facilitating Environmentally & Socially Responsible E-waste Management

India is emerging as one of the world's major e-waste generators and is likely to generate 5.2 MT per annum by 2020. The regretful fact is that merely 1.5 percent of India's total e-waste gets recycled due to lack of proper recycling infrastructure, legislation and framework, leading to the waste of shrinking natural resources and causing irreparable damage of environment & health of the people working in the industry. Standing in sharp contrast amidst these amateur organizations is Prakurthi Recycling, a KSPCB authorized recycling company and a member of the TSDF (Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities) that assists organizations with the best practices for e-waste management complying with all the laws & regulations. Certified by PCB, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 18001 OHSAS, R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 27001 ISMS and EPR, this Bangalore-based company takes care of the entire e-waste recycling process right from the pickup of e-waste from the company’s office to refurbishing and transportation of the processed recycled material to the remanufacturers & material specific recyclers.

Prakruthi Recycling's portfolio of services includes WEEE Recycling & Recovery, data destruction (onsite & offsite), asset management & EPR implementation. Equipped with a state-of-the-art recycling plant spread across 22,000 sq.ft. with an approved capacity of 10,000,000 kg/annum, the company adeptly handles any size/type of e-waste. Prakruthi Recycling assures 100 percent data destruction with its U.S. Airforce approved enterprise licensed Wipe drive software, UK-based machine that degausses 200+ HDD per hour, and a powerful machine that shreds HDD with H5 security level into pieces unlike the old method of drilling & cutting the HDD.

Specializing in handholding companies to liquidate their decommissioned, out of warranty and excess IT asset management
Ullas Das,Senior Manager
service, Prakurthi Recycling either purchases them or transports them to used goods sellers and marketers or sets up a profit sharing agreement. This way, it not only helps the environment by reducing the need of environmental resources extraction for new electronic equipment production but also makes the item affordable for lower income groups. With its expert market knowledge, it also assists companies in maximizing their recovery value on surplus equipment, enabling clients to generate more revenue.

Prakruthi Recycling not only helps the environment by reducing the need of environmental resources extraction for new electronic equipment production but also makes the item affordable for lower income groups

A Noble Cause
Growing steadily, with a satiated revenue, Prakurthi Recycling,is not only an environmentally responsible company but is socially responsible too, taking care of the human resource it deploys in the process. “We conduct ambient air & noise monitoring test, water quality test, DG stack test and regular employee health checkups to ensure that the human resource working in here is safe and healthy”, says Ullas Das, Senior Manager, Prakruthi Recycling. Channelling a part of its revenue towards helping rural children, the company reaches out to rural government schools and provides amenities (books, bags, colouring products & more), computer systems (after developing electricity for them), training staff & materials and conducts basic computer training classes to children. Prakruthi Recycling is diligently on a mission to take the society and its clients towards zero-waste by applying innovative technologies and best practices based on the three-point strategy of reduce, reuse, and recycle.