Pierian Services: Embracing Digital & Automation in a Significant Way to Enhance its Services Offering

Gurunath Kanathur & Chetan Venugopal,Co-FoundersOn the cusp of Indian industrial revolution, the highly revered engineer Sir M. Vishveshwarya advised the business houses to embrace industrialization or perish. Today, akin to industrialization, digitization and automation is bringing about a phenomenal change in the current market like never before. Bangalore-based Pierian Services Pvt Ltd is a front runner in embracing this change where it primarily relies on technology to offer unmatched business process services. Incepted by co-founders Gurunath Kanathur & Chetan Venugopal, this digitally-enabled financing & accounting services company provides a range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting , Analytics and outsourcing to help clients work smarter and achieve accelerated growth through process transformation, digital technology enablement and creation and management of value-generating business services. “We practically address challenges in risk management, compliance, and regulatory & corporate governance,” asserts Gurunath.

An End-to-End Solution
Failure of several startups today can be attributed to the inexperience and unawareness regarding certain intricate requirements of Finance and accounting and regulatory requirements. Pierian’s decade long experience with a tech savvy & digitized twist comes in handy
where it helps the startups set up and manage their key but non-core process, manage their cash flows smartly as well as chart out road map that enable start-ups to pass the test of due diligence with little sweat. Moreover, thanks to the company’s expertise in regulatory compliance, today SMEs meet compliance and regulatory requirements in a professional manner and there by avoid future litigations.

Thanks to Pierian’s expertise in regulatory compliance, today SMEs meet compliance & regulatory requirements in a professional manner and there by avoid future litigations

Due to their size, big industry players often fall prey to disoriented day-to-day operations and inefficient processes in key functions like Finance and accounting. Pierian helps clients to identify such inefficiency, risks and others for the said processes and through valued added insights helps reengineer the said process and ensure process run in an effective and efficient manners and at optimised costs by use of technology. Pierian’s end-to-end services includes procure to pay, Order to cash, Management reporting and regulatory management helps clients to focus on their key business activities there by gain an edge over their competitors in these uncertain and sometimes, unfavourable times.

Pierian has been over the last decade being working with clients, which include large MNCs as well as SME segment and includes clients from India, Singapore, Middle East, UK and the US. “Pierian is currently working
towards automating its process delivery and is digitally enabling its services with intent of ensuring that the clients have accurate , timely and meaningful information to run their businesses intelligently,” explained Chetan Venugopal.

Chetan Venugopal,Co-Founder
A proudly bootstrapped company, Pierian is a passionate employer that understands the value of its employees and seeks to harness their talent to the maximum limit. “We ensure every employee within the company goes through a mandatory defined training program that he/she has to go through, depending upon the level and responsibility he/she has,” states the duo. Technology is and will remain at the heart of Pierian’s offering. The team plans to continue searching for avenues that would enable automation and reduce manual intervention in day-to-day functioning of organisations. But its employees don’t have to worry about their job loss as the side-effect of automation. Thanks to it expansive offering base, the company re-trains them and relocate to a place where automation is perennial. With the recent revenue turnover of around $10 million, Pierian boasts of a healthy presence in Singapore, Middle East, and the US besides India. The company is the founding member of RT ASEAN Network headquartered in Singapore, which is network of professional firms across ASEAN region (China, Australia & UK) providing Finance, Legal & Digital services.