Perfect Internet: Delivering Cost-effective & High Speed Internet Access Services

Prashant Guharoy,COO & Director

Prashant Guharoy

COO & Director

Several recent surveys revealed that in the last couple of years, the percentage of households with four or more devices accessing the web increased from 32 percent to 43 percent. As a result, the amount of bandwidth requirement per home has also increased and expected to grow further in the future. This increased utilization across various household devices creates a new set of challenges for internet service providers (ISP). Major Indian ISPs offer high bandwidth at high price, which SMEs, small enterprises and individuals cannot afford. But Noida based Perfect Internet’s cost effective and high speed internet access services addresses these qualms effectively. “We are dedicatedly working to deliver happiness, benefits and success for people through reliable wired internet access services,” says Prashant Guharoy, Director & COO, Perfect Internet.

Founded in 2009 by PR Guharoy (Managing Director), Perfect Internet is the first and only internet service provider in Noida to offer internet connectivity with speed of 50Mbps through secure fibre optic network. Being an alternative to big Telcos,the company
offers steadfast home broadband and enterprise services by using FTTH(fibre to the home) and Ethernet models at budget-friendly prices. Ethernet model uses copper LAN networks to provide a standard speed of 50Mbps whereas FTTH is a Giga bit LAN offering a standard speed of 100 Mbps. The company uses CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) models wherein information is transmitted over high speed network using different wavelengths of fibre.

Being an alternative to big Telcos,the company offers steadfast home broadband and enterprise services by using FTTH(fibre to the home) and Ethernet models at budget friendly prices

Additionally, Perfect Internet is also offering P2P (peer-to-peer) network where in users can experience services like YouTube,Microsoft, Akamai and others with whom the company has partnered,at highest speed without any data cap. Unlike others, the company offers on-demand bandwidth (customized) wherein users can utilize the internet services as per their requirements and will be charged according to their usage, post which, the flat billing plan will resume. Perfect Internet uses all industry standard Telco grade equipment and provides 24×7 technical support over phone as well as onsite.
To further enhance brand loyalty, Perfect Internet provides a handful of offers (like 50Mbps unlimited @ Rs.768 including tax), better customized service packages and better value added services.“Any client who complains about the service issue, we immediately provide them service credit and the description of the issue will be sent to assistant manager level for quick and better solution,” says Prashant.

Securing Your Internet World

In this world of hackers, internet security is paramount. Thus Perfect Internet implements all the standard internet service security features and conducts timely audit of them to ensure that there is no loop holes left. Partnering with multiple service providers and tie-up with all major internet exchanges of Noida empowers the company tends to switch traffic from one service provider to other or traffic gets automatically rerouted to other exchange in case of any network failure or local failure.

Perfect Internet believes in empowering its employees for enhancing customer experience, hence provides them with periodic training, small classes and sessions on various protocols and recent technological developments within the industry that company incorporate in its network. “With a revenue growth of 40-50 percent year-on-year, we are now aiming to have a net worth of more than Rs.250 crore and capture at least 35-40 percent of the market share of Delhi NCR region in the next five years,” concludes Prashant. The company is also in the process of getting ISO 27001 certificate.