Pepbox Ventures: Innovative & Influential Trainings, Tailored & Co-Created

Corporate Training which is a $32 billion market in India, forms the core of an organizations’ growth & long-term investment strategies. No doubt that it is an effective & essential way to instil leadership, teamwork & communication skills in their employees; it is still insufficient to develop creativity. Smart thinking, swift action & effective people skills – all the upshots of creativity – are better developed in an experiential setting than through classroom training. Emphasis on only corporate training leaves a gap between employees’ skill sets & creativity, ergo limiting their efficiency & productivity.

Bridging this gap is Pepbox Ventures, a Mumbai-based team building & employee engagement service provider that delivers fun based & serious learning based outbound programs at both offsite locations & in-office. Following an experiential learning model, its certified & experienced facilitators furnish thoughtfully curated and pre-plan sets of tailored activities with a unique set of outcomes, learnings and take away. Accordingly, design and deliverables are set in fun based programs; while learning based interventions are characterized by focus on key objectives, challenges faced desired outcomes & participant’s profile. Evidently, its tagline says it all - Fun with PEP & Learn with PEP.

Activities that Influence Creativity & Inhibit Incapacity
With a believe that every program & its associated variables are unique in nature, the strong & stupendous Pepbox team provides a whopping range of productive & pleasing activities under various categories like - Pep Games such as Pep Olympics, Landmines & Trapped; Pep Adventures like Bubble Soccer & Paintball Combat; Design & Innovation based ventures including Catapult battles & Rollercoster Building; Music, Dance & Lounge events like Body Percussion & Pep Broadway; wellness activities like yoga & nurture; and CSR tasks like toy making & tree plantation. “Our Team Building activities are designed to bring the rational and strategic thought process among participants. Pepbox’s
facilitators engage employees throughout the activities in a way that keeps your objectives and desired outcomes in mind. The programs are designed to work across the mandated levels of seniority with safety-first approach,” asserts Harshit Desai, Co-Founder, Pepbox Ventures.

Harshit Desai & Ruchita Shah,Co-Founders
Pepbox Team

“It’s not just about activities, but about co-creating the desired outcomes,” avers Ruchita Shah, Co-Founder, Pepbox Ventures. Leveraging a five-phase methodical approach to furnish its services, team Pepbox begins with identifying key objectives & desired outcomes involving all stakeholders; continues with understanding participant profile & challenges ahead, customizing program design & activities, program execution, and ultimately concludes with debriefing, evaluating behaviourial aspects & feedback sharing. These activities which act as catalysts to derive learning, and its application in work & personal life, are co-created by facilitators from various backgrounds along with the participants to process the desired outcomes. Consequently, Pepbox is able to rectify the key challenges that inhibit these corporates’ creativity & personality, specifically – lack of collaborating, mutual trust, inter-communication & empathy.

Our Team Building activities are designed to bring the rational and strategic thought process among participants

A five-year old company, incorporated as a private limited in 2018, Pepbox Ventures employs 25 practiced professionals across its offices in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Goa. Constantly upgrading, the company continuously keeps coming up with new offerings for various occasions like outbound programs, sports days, employee family day, and rewards & recognitions. Growing at an astounding rate of 300 percent YOY, Pepbox is prospective of expanding its services across the globe.