Payal Nanjiani: An Executive Coach with a Mission to Measurably Improve Growth and Leadership Potential

Payal Nanjiani,CEOBusiness coaching is one of the fastest-growing global industries in 2021. Different coaches will have different approaches and methods to train the candidates to become their best selves and a better leader. Payal Nanjiani is a top leadership speaker who has consulted for more than 500 organizations, coached more than 200 global CEOs, addressed over million people in over 2,000 speeches and seminars. She is CEO / Founder of Success Within Leadership. She develops transformed leaders who can execute quickly and get results in any economy.

She mainly focuses on the inner leadership competencies that help individuals be robust in this volatile business environment and helps them unleash their leadership potential, challenging them to bring out the best in themselves and achieve break-through results. Another significant guidance is to change people from being a trained leader to a transformed leader. She has helped many organizations create a transformed leader where people show leadership in their everyday lives regardless of their title or the circumstances. Her top clients are some of the fortune 100 IT companies in the world.

Further, she elucidates why her methods are unique and stands out compared to her competitors. For one, she practices a perfect blend of the Western and Eastern leadership philosophies, tools and practices, secondly,
she guarantees measurable results, to achieve the desired results within 5 coaching sessions and mainly she shares “insider” techniques which she learns from her interaction with some of the most prominent and successful leaders in the world.

She is one coach who does not talk about just the what, but guide you on how you can get to where you what to be. These practices help the clients empower them to be super successful at their work and per-form as world-class leaders. IconX, High Potential, Speed Coaching are names of the elite business coaching courses offered by Payal Nanjiani.

IconX is Payal's super-elite coaching program for CEO, CXO, CIOs, and those who aim to become CEOs, top executives, and top entrepreneurs. The high potential coaching is for people aspiring to get into leadership roles, cross the mid-level positions, and get to the next level or grow their potential. Speed coaching is an exclusive session where you work with Payal for 8 hours to solve your most important business challenge.

Transforming the people to best leaders is through their thoughts only

Payal adapts a coaching method-ology to gain the best outcomes. She personalizes every session and follows up with three simple yet effective steps, which are: 1) to solicit feedback from the clients by conducting different tests based on deep research of leadership behaviors, 2) the clients take charge of their efforts to change, and 3) teach the clients the value of feed forward, which is Payal's “special sauce” methodology for eliciting on how they can improve in the future and become their coach. “The main challenge the clients feel is the gap between where they are and where they want to be in reality. Then, some clients, hog-end executives want to leave a legacy behind and a purpose beyond the stable career,” says Payal Nanjiani, Founder.

Sharing an experience of a client who was a senior manager when he met with Payal, he was able to locate his blind spots soon after the 1st coaching session. Within three months, the client was able to experience the transformation in his attitude, his thought process had clarity in his vision, and a year, he was able to reach the next level for which he had waited for three years.

Concluding, Payal Nanjiani explains the new programs implemented in their services to evolve as per the business and client demands and help leaders build unshakable confidence to make the best decisions in an uncertain business environment.