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Dr. DeeptiTayal,DirectorIndia was recently ranked last by U.S. Chamber of Commerce in GIPC Index for its weakest IP environment in regards to protection and enforcement of IP rights. Though the country lacks strong IP legislations, an equally strong enforcement mechanism is still under construction. This often leads to a situation where IP right holders do not get the chance to enjoy their IP assets fully. But when you have Ingenious e-Brain Solutions as your partner, you need not fear about ‘anything IP’.

An Array of Services
Ingenious’ 12 PhD holders from different technology backgrounds offer valuable key insights, enabling them to create a report with more technical value addition instead of providing vanilla reports. These reports are prepared by leveraging strong industry-standard databases that it has access to,(Thomson Derwent Orbit & Compute Mark along with various international patent & trademark sites) to identify information related to IP. Apart from key focus on patent and trademark, the firm even supports prosecution work in India through its attorneys (patent agents). Ingenious provides new patent filers with support services in various areas of their patent focus, including patent filing, quality of patent to be filed, use of patent, and patent monetization.

Offering patent searches involving patentability, validation, freedom to operate and more, Ingenious provides results that enable clients in the early stages of product
development to figure out the hindering IP, which they leverage to design the product accordingly and launch it without infringing the known IPs. “We also inform them about the IPs that are no longer valid and the one’s that they should not be worried about,” says Dr. DeeptiTayal, Director, Ingenious. For clients who are at the final stage of product development, the company provides them references that may hinder their freedom to operate. It further checks their interest to take the license or checks for invalidation
/references, and if their innovation is patentable or not. “We follow a need-based and customized result model as per client’s requirements,” adds Dr. Deepti. If the patent is under litigation / opposition,Ingenious performs industry specific searches(both in English and non-English)on various industry-specific sources.

Offering patent searches involving patentability, validation, freedom to operate and more, Ingenious provides results that enable clients in the early stages of product development to figure out the hindering IP

Under its track and alert service, Ingenious regularly alerts clients and watches for newly published patents and information in client’s specific areas, depending on their needs and urgency. Its infringement services help clients in securing their IPs much comprehensively and prevent its unprofessional use by providing them a complete claim chart with markings for infringement cases.“We support clients in performing landscapes where in they can identify the white space, opportunities related to a particular technology, due diligence of how many companies are working on
that area and the kind of output they are generating. They can also know the upcoming segments that their technology is going to explore,”asserts Dr.Deepti.

Growth Ahead
Currently the company is helping Indian and US clients in drafting applications to also aiding them to be notified with communication from the US patent office. Ingenious provides complete prosecution and litigation for Indian clients in India as well as globally. Serving clients from pharma, bio and hi-tech sectors, our company helps them to identify the products, which might not be recognized by the patent office due to their limitations in search hours and researches.

In the coming days, Ingenious will enhance its capabilities to provide information on IPs, and help clients to build value of their idea and develop business around it, while expanding to metallurgy industry as well.“We have tied-up with various external experts to provide technology scouting and business intelligence services. We look forward to analyse the huge amount of data we collect and provide insights based on that through our data analytics services,” concludes Dr. Deepti.

Key Management:
Dr. DeeptiTayal,Director

A Post-Doctoral Fellowship holder from the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Dr. Deepti has over nine years of experience in handling client relationships with IP law firms, innovator companies, and research organizations.She actively participates in International IP and Trademark conferences, and has even been a keynote speaker at various conferences.

Offices: Gurgaon & Noida(India), and New Jersey

Services: Patent Searches, Portfolio Management, IP Due Diligence & Valuation, and Patent Drafting & Filing, among many others.