Oscar Global Services: An Esteemed Firm Promising Reliable IPR & Legal Strategies

Naveen Kumar Anumula,FounderThe product world has become much more accessible due to the rise of e-commerce and hence protecting brand value and brand name is of great importance. It has become an obligation for Small & Medium Enterprises and startups to have complete knowledge on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). IPR includes Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Designs and these registrations with Government of India forms Intangible Assets.

Protecting Intellectual property is one of the most essential things as a lot of effort and time will be spent on making a new product that is unique and innovative and establish brands in the market. Value embedded IPR becomes an Asset to Companies and Investors keep looking to Invest in such Companies.

Oscar Global Services consists of expert professionals in this field and is a prominent firm that offers services like Patent Registration to protect Inventions, Trademark Registrations to protect goodwill obtained by the brand names and company names, Copyrights to protect the Authors/Owners creative rights that are created in Books, Paintings, Sculptures, Software, Music, Sound recordings and Cinematographic works and Design Registrations to protect works created which are appealing to eye.

The firm was established in the year 2013 and has been providing IPR & Legal Services to Individuals, Small & Medium Entrepreneurs and Start-ups. Naveen Kumar Anumula, the founder of Oscar Global Services is a Registered Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney with the Government of India and he is on a mission to support startups in creating healthy IPRs Assets.
A patent allows an inventor the exclusive right for a limited time to stop others from manufacturing, using, offering for sale, importing the patented invention without the permission of the inventor likewise the firm offers various patent consulting solutions in all subject matters like Electronics & Telecommunications, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical, Artificial Intelligence, Food Technology. Trademark Solutions includes Brand Adoption, Brand overview in International Markets, Brand Registration, and other Copyright and Design protection solutions.

The patent services involve detailed procedures to which Oscar Global Services consists of a quality team in handling the procedures like patent search, drafting the patent, Filing the patent application and many more. A patent search is a crucial initial stage where the verification is carried out to check if the concepts used in the patent already exist. In this manner, the firm provides quality services with the guidance of expert professional solutions as per the client's request.

“In every business, there will be a situation where the reputation grows to some level and that brand name itself will take the business to another level. Hence, the effective brand name protection and strategies must be crucial”. - says Naveen Kumar Anumula, Founder

Our Vision is to be a global leader in providing IPR & Legal Services to companies to strategically work in the competitive business environment safely and successfully

Oscar Global Services does not consist of only IPR attorneys but also criminal, civil, and other attorneys as well. The firm policy is to mainly follow transparency with clients without any sort of compromise to deliver quality and effective services. The firm consists of a meticulous team to work on their custom driven processes with utmost clarity to provide excellent services with Customer Satisfaction to protect the unique and Novel developed IPR and keep an eye on the Copycats to prevent the loss caused by the Pirated Products to its customers.

Further, the founder, Naveen Kumar Anumula elucidates the firm's involvement in the start-up India Initiative illustrated by the government of India through which the firm can be an aid for small businesses in several aspects. Some of the benefits of the Start-up India Scheme are Rebate in Patent, Trademark & Design Application Fees and provides facilitators to start ups for filing and processing of their applications for Patents, Designs and Trademarks. Professional charges of the facilitators are reimbursed by the office of CGPDTM as per provisions under SIPP scheme.

"Our Vision is to be a global leader in providing IPR & Legal Services to companies to strategically work in the competitive business environment safely and successfully". - shares Naveen Kumar Anumula, Founder ­ Oscar Global Research.