• Photon Legal: The Go-To IP Firm, Inspiring And Delighting Clients With Care And Speed
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    Photon Legal: The Go-To IP Firm, Inspiring And Delighting Clients With Care And Speed

    In the digital era, protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) has become more than essential. From individual researchers to start ups, from small entities to MNCs, everyone must protect the tangible and intangible work/ideas of their intellect to gain the deserved recognition and benefits. Photon Legal is a law firm that strives to provide an unprecedented approach for securing Intellectual Property for its clients across the globe. Since its inception in June 2019, Photon has outrightly gained recognition by helping a diverse clientele with dynamic assistance. Photon Legal was founded by Mr. Amit Koshaland Mr. Prayank Khandelwal with a mission to revisit the way traditional law firms operate. “At Photon Legal, we have created a one stop solution for all your IP requirements. Right...


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