Online Reputation Guru: A Name to Trust for Online Reputation Management Services

Chitranshu Sharma,Founder & CEO

Chitranshu Sharma

Founder & CEO

The new digital age and the rise of the social networks have extensively changed the mannerism of the Corporate Reputation Management discipline. At the present time where social media and other digital plat-forms have become fundamental to nurture and boost businesses, the online corporate reputation appears to be the new mantra for building and managing reputation that suffices the purpose of influencing, attracting, generating and retaining clients, sales, employees, and support in times of crisis. This scenario encouraged several enterprising souls to venture into this domain who are constantly endeavouring to draft out measures to help organizations create and conserve the brand image on the digital and online landscape.

Founded by Chitranshu Sharma, Online Reputation Guru's services are available to all the companies of the corporate world who apprehend the importance of building a splendid image in the market space. Its proficient team mentors the brand to repair their online reputation, creates a pristine stature and converts the negative remarks into
the positive. In order to fathom the specifications of the clients and their reputation status, the company dedicates ample time to analyse, perceive, and strategize cutting-edge solutions that fits their requirements. The company offers a horde of corporate reputation management services for small medium and large enterprises around the globe including Brand Reputation Management, Celebrity Reputation Management, Corporate Reputation Management and Personal Reputation Management.

In the main, Online Reputation Guru excels in Corporate Reputation Management for Enterprises where it focuses on overseeing the online reputation of brand entity and its higher management such as CEO, CMO, CFO, COO, Directors and others. "Our flagship offerings can be enumerated as Risk Analysis & Management, Product Reputation Analysis & Management, Corporate Reputation Repair, Corporate Crisis Management, Rebuilding Corporate Online Reputation, Social media & PR/MR Strategy and Digital Marketing & Advertising. These top-notch services are available at customizable prices. We abide by legitimate, wise and ethical strategies and there is absolutely no room for any sort of devious or black/ grey hat practices. We make sure to observe a transparent process and make every effort to effectuate their reputational goals. We have recently added a proposal request tool to our website where clients can ask for a proposal request through our search tool by writing the keyword on the search bar and select the negative search results they need help with," narrates Chitranshu.

Online Reputation Guru dedicates ample time to analyse, perceive, and strategize cutting-edge solutions that fits their requirements

Established in 2015 Online Reputations Guru is uniquely positioned in the ecosystem. In the very first year of its existence, the company perceived a magnificent revenue build-out of $200k and witnesses a 105 per cent Y-O-Y growth. Rooted in Chandigarh, the online reputation management firm has expanded its presence overseas by establishing sales offices in Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States of America & ACT Canberra Australia. In the coming times, the company aims to ameliorate its up and running and covets to espy a spike of 200 per cent year by year financial growth.