ONEOTT iNTERTAINMENT: Making Smart Devices Efficient using Fibre-to-the-Home

Yugal Kishore Sharma,   CEOTechnology is becoming an integral element of our lives by the minute and its adoption is touching lives of every human being from the day they learn to sit, as internet penetrates their lives through various devices on their palm. Learning, education & even overall values and cultural behaviour of a human being is evident from the way technology is enabling content in ONE’s life from the age of ONE. That’s why, to have seamless reliable internet connectivity is of prime importance in our lives today. ONEOTT iNTERTAINMENT LTD.(OIL)is enabling people with its high speed internet to power their information & entertainment needs through efficient, smart applications & technologies of the future.

OIL is a subsidiary of NXT Digital Limited, part of the Hinduja Group. The Group revamped its internet services business in 2016 and launched its new identity ‘ONE’, which aligns with its vision of providing connectivity anywhere, anytime & on any device through ONE Wire to ONE Home in 2017. OIL has grown today to become a major player in the highly competitive wired data service providers’category.

As the CEO of OIL, Yugal Kishore Sharma believes that to grow sustainably and profitably today as a service provider, offering just a broadband connection doesn’t suffice. He says, “OIL will champion the wave of on-demand economy with plans to offer
convergent solutions internet access, IPTV and Voice through ONE wire.” The company will launch solutions and services that will be the perfect entertainment solution for a smart home. “We don’t just provide internet, we deliver entertainment to every Home over internet, hence iNTERTAINMENT in the name ONEOTT iNTERTAINMENT LTD.”,adds Yugal Sharma.

OIL will champion the wave of on-demand economy with plans to offer convergent solutions internet access IPTV and Voice through ONE wire

OIL provides high speed, secured and stable connectivity services across various market segments at affordable prices available in close to 50 cities through direct retailing & franchises. Its bouquet of internet plans starts from 15 Mbps and goes right up to 1 Gbps. By building a scalable network through which communities & homes can run a gamut of smart devices, OIL is bridging the gap towards future smart homes, and as Yugal says, is bringing 'Future-to-The-Home'. These services are especially designed to cater the next generation that likes to be connected anywhere, anytime & via any device, the impatient lot which will be future customers of the company.

Leading the contribution towards digital inclusion as its purpose, the company provides broadband services for homes & enterprises small or large, which are enabled using traditional broadband as well as Fiber. “Hinduja Media Group has partnered with Nokia for a complete array of solutions from core network to aggregate networks to access networks. We have also partnered with TP-Link, which has almost 45 percent market share in Home Wi-Fi routers and devices”, says Yugal Sharma.

Additionally, the company also provides public Wi-Fi services in association with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook. OIL has nurtured efficient & highly rated customer care teams to ensure excellence in service delivery & service assurance for a remarkable customer experience. The team educates and guides subscribers about the best practices to make the most out of their internet connection and devices leading to every 3rd complaint being resolved on the first call itself.

‘People address cable TV operators as local cable operators or LCOs, but we at Hinduja Media Group had renamed them as Last Mile Owners (LMO). When you treat the LMO as your Partner then you can present a win-win situation which is fruitful for both the partner as well as for us’, concludes Yugal Sharma.