OneClick Technologies: Formulating Unique Solutions for Customer Service and Management

Gurbinder Sing Hira, CEOThe fast evolving technologies and the ever expanding customer base can be a good thing for a business. However, this growth also brings along numerous challenges which include catering to customer queries and problems. Each and every company suffers if its customers' problems are kept on hold. Hence, to ensure personal care and assure the right attention to their customers, companies are seeking the help of Chatbot companies. Experts consider chatbots to be the future of customer service and management. A recent study shows that by 2020, 80 percent of the enterprises will be using chatbots and by 2022, banks can automate up to 90 percent of their customer interaction using chatbots. Aiding to this objective is OneClick Technologies, a firm set up with a vision to bridge the gap between companies and their customers.

Introduced in 2011 by Surendra Lunia, OneClick Technologies constantly strives to solve its customers’ problems without burning a hole in their pockets. Talking about the inception story, CEO, Gurbinder Sing Hira says “Today, traditional call-centers are failing to cope up with the increasing traffic of customers and their demands. Looking into this, we at OneClick Technologies
is providing 360-degree services to simplify business complexities. One of the most revolutionary products that the company has introduced in the market is ‘’a platform that makes customer conversations simple. engages the customers with bots that are trained for multilingual and cognitive comprehension. Other than, OneClick Technologies has also introduced Ngage, Navig8, and Replic8 which are all masters in their respective industries.

With the right combination of freshness and experience, OneClick Technologies is now able to cater to the most demanding challenges that clients come up with

Even though OneClick is now leading name in their industry, the road to success had numerous stumbling blocks, speaking of which Gurbinder mentions, “Some of the biggest challenges that we had to face were the tight competition within the industry and the high costs of developing and testing the software.” Even when the tides were against them,OneClick Technologies managed to stay afloat because of the unity within their organization. With the right combination of freshness and experience, today the firm is able to cater to the most demanding challenges that clients come up with. “At OneClick Technologies, our employees’ ideas are always taken into consideration throughout the development of the products and proper incentives, both monetary and nonmonetary are provided to the fast movers in the company. This ultra competitiveness inside the organization and the willingness to accept challenges has helped not just our employees but also our firm to stay on top of their game”, speaks Gurbinder.

The timeliness in maintaining their deadline along with added features and innovative measures included in their products has helped OneClick Technologies to evolve as one of the renowned names in the chatbot space. With their impressive clientele which includes companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Amazon, OYO and OPPO mobile, Gurbinder Sing Hira wants to expand to about seven industry verticals this year. “We are also planning to expand across 10 countries. Actually, we are trying to increase our clientele and create a huge list of A-listed customers for our company. We also hope that we can expand our reach to 20 countries in the next three years”.