OMS Patent Services: Experience Backed Global IP Trail Blazer

Emmanuel Coffy, Partner,Omprakash N Sringeri, Founder & DirectorAs the world moves towards mass digitization, new technologies are gaining widespread acceptance and appreciation. This trend has acted as a catalyst for innovation which in turn has created more opportunities and competition in the market. "The moment competition is pictured, the demand for securing and enforcing rights arises," explains Omprakash N Sringeri, an accomplished Intellectual Property attorney and founder of OMS Patent Services, a global one stop destination for all Intellectual Property (IP) needs. Founded in 2011, the company renders solutions through the entire lifecycle of a patent from scratch to culmination thus safeguarding, commercializing and enforcing its client's rights both locally and internationally.

Armed with a team of experienced lawyers, engineers and experts from natural sciences, OMS is adept at actively handling a wide variety of IP matters be it acquiring a right or enforcing them, across multiple countries. Having led a plethora of its clients to success in the past, OMS has now been identified by several large companies, startups and universities as their confident partners in securing their IP.

Customized Solutions & Tailor-made Strategies
OMS Provides 360 degree solutions across the entire IP life cycle aimed at protecting inventions, trademarks and designs locally & internationally while also resolving IP issues. The company builds a client's IP portfolio, thus playing a key role in helping them beat competition and generate adequate revenue from licensing or monetizing the IP & suggesting a competent market strategy. Building on its experience, OMS boasts of expertise in patentability search, freedom to operate search, invalidity search, and state of art search to begin with, possessing
effective patent drafting skills which are highly competent and the prosecuting prowess is in tune with the best of global standards. OMS also offers provides advisory to startups and entrepreneurs to align their business and technology towards emerging trends along with filing patents, trademarks, design and copyright applications and prosecution with a high conversion rate of 80 percent with various patent and trademark offices across US, India & Japan.

The ambitious Company also applies its experience of handling infringement cases and other litigations in preparing patent application to ensure that they are free from such issues when/if litigated. "We have wide experience in successfully building an IP policy and IP portfolio for universities, individuals and MNCs," says Omprakash. Considering the diverse requirements and expectations that clients have when approaching an experienced IP company, OMS focuses on customized solutions and tailor made strategies thus surpassing client objectives.

Omprakash N Sringeri, Founder & Director

Arsenal of Experts
The company boasts of a robust patenting team that aids clients in protecting their technology innovation and gain a competitive edge in the market, which helps them develop and maintain the company's long term revenue streams. At the helm of affairs is Omprakash N Sringeri, Managing Director, OMS Patent Services. An engineer, researcher and an IP attorney, he leverages his decade long industry experience to effectively perceive the client views and needs thus bringing to the fore the very best outcomes.

An able co-captain of the OMS ship is Emmanuel Coffy, a practicing IP attorney who heads the OMS Patent services branch in the US. He lends his expertise as a Strategic IP advisor, branding Specialist and outside General Counsel for Small & medium businesses. Additionally, Emmanuel was also an examiner at USPTO. The duo with a collective experience of over 50 years, leads an experienced and robust team at OMS which paves the way to effectively strategize and guide companies to their full potential. "The plentitude of collective experience of the company gives us an edge in handling clients in India and overseas," adds Omprakash.

Having experienced steady YoY growth in terms of revenue since its very inception, OMS has now amassed a convenient eight figure INR revenue stream. In the years to come, the ambitious company aims to build a robust client base of MNCs across the globe, more keenly focusing on Indian, US and Japanese markets.