Odak Solutions: Handholding Shipping and Logistics Clients through their Growth Years




High costs and falling margins are the major challenges to profitability in the shipping and logistics industry. Managing the equipped resources or executing the shipments with better process is also a big challenge. With every senior attrition, organization has to pass through tough phases to bring the services back. Addressing these bottlenecks, Chennai based Odak Solutions has evolved in delivering Business Process Services and Technology Solutions for shipping and logistics industry.

Odak is carrying a reputation of helping clients unlock business value by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks. This approach has enabled Odak to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes of its clients' organizations. Odak Solutions operates on a code, that the Director of the firm, Krishna kumar reiterates, "To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services. To make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with us".

Odak provides a wide range of solutions for the shipping and logistics industry, aimed towards enhancing client's organization while providing a competitive edge. Odak possesses an in-depth knowledge of the industry and subjects all employees to industry specific training to guarantee the best outcome for the client's organization. Odak's services not only create more efficient operations at a reduced cost, but also create insights to enhance the overall performance of client's supply chain.

Odak Solutions aims to deliver excellent outsourcing services for liner shipping and freight forwarding companies.
There are a plethora of factors for which Odak has become a preferred name in this business. Factors include­ expertise in logistics & technology, skilled human capital, specialized software applications, optimized business processes, and operational transparency. The company offers Business Process Services in three segments-liner agency, liner principal, and freight forwarding. Under liner agency, the services enclosed are inventory management, export & import coordination's and documentation, customer in-voicing, cost and principal accounting. The Liner Principal offering include, Assets and inventory Management, Pricing and Booking, Agent coordination, SOA, P&L and Analytics. Under freight forwarding segment, Odak Solutions offers export & import coordination's and documentation, coordination with agents/carrier/vendor, Customer invoicing and cost accounting.

Not limiting to typical back office offerings, Odak enhances the scopes into topmost sensitive tasks to give real value to its customers. This implies that Odak does not re-strict its focus to simple BOL preparation, invoices, etc. alone, but also delivers like customs manifest, Vessel planning, Principal SOA/PL etc. which are time sensitive tasks and require expertise.

Krishnakumar, Director

Most importantly, Odak's services are carried out in real-time and cannot be delayed or put off. With an exceptional managing capacity, Odak creates an appropriate culture and strives to create the best working environment enabling customers to manage their core activities.

Odak participates in strategies for women empowerment. In fact, 40 percent of the employee strength at Odak comprises of women. As a Service provider, Odak is known for being extremely demanding for timely coordination and ensuring correct response to its clients. "We do our resource management, people management and so on to ensure 100% Coordination with the clients' expectation. We deliver the service and understand to meet the needs of the customer", explains Agilavasu, Director, Odak Solutions.

Odak's USP lies in learning the basic and the strongest areas of client's Shipping industry. Based on the market scenario, and the competitors, the firm creates a well-elaborated and thorough plan to provide appropriate services to its customers for short term as well as long-term profits. In the near future, Odak intends to stick to further perfect its service offerings while continuing to learn more from the shipping industry.