NRV Global Language Services: A Domain Expert Offering a Plethora of Language Translation and Interpretation Services

Ninad Vahikar, Founder & Managing Director

Ninad Vahikar

Founder & Managing Director

With the world rapidly transforming into a global village, even smaller companies are catering to a global audience and almost all the companies have at least one international client in their clientele. With this being the current scenario, the language translation and interpretation industry is also growing. Translating text and audio material, modifying documents and software to reflect localized conventions is a highly complex task. Incorporating that translated and interpreted data into products and services that align with the regulatory and tax requirements of specific countries states, and cities is even harder. NRV Global Language Services has been setting new benchmarks in this niche and highly competitive market for many years now. The company was set up with the primary motive of exploring language services and reaching out to the global audience by formulating a cross-platform content strategy.

Owing to its founders'impeccable management and leadership qualities, NRV Global has always steered clear of major challenges and the proper guidance and flexible operational style have helped the company to become one of the most sought after names in the industry. With global trade increasing the need to communicate across languages and cultures is also growing proportionately. NRV Global Language Services through their domain expertise makes this entire process seamless and less
costly and this attribute of the company has helped them to set themselves apart from the rest in the market. “Translation demands a deep understanding of both grammar and culture.

A linguist needs to know the rules of a language as well as the habits of the people who speak it. And even for the most experienced professionals, this creates confusion and frustration. From the beginning itself, we have delivered good quality services and have always followed TAT and this helped us to gain the trust of clients. We have also set up a dedicated operations team which is available 24 hours for our clients to solve any of their problems” avers, Ninad Vahikar, Founder and Managing Director, NRV Global Language Services.

NRV Global is associated with more than 350 translators and linguists across the globe, offers solutions in over 125 languages irrespective of modality or location

As of now, NRV Global offers specialized services such as Translation, Localization, Interpretation, Subtitling, Audio-Video Transcription, Market Research, Voice Over, Dubbing Services, Content Management and Foreign Languages Training Programs. With their in-house team of translators as well as the associations with more than 350 translators and linguists across the globe, NRV Global offers solutions in over 125 languages irrespective of modality or location. The company has also got subject matter experts in various fields including IT, Automobile, Engineering, Entertainment, Media, Pharma, Legal, Sports, Healthcare, Market Research, and Finance to name a few. When many of their competitors go for the word to word translation, NRV Global localizes the language and they perform 2-tier quality checks to ensure the quality of the translated document. More than just seeing this as a business NRV Global Language Services works to help companies to understand each other, connect together and prosper.

NRV Global has earned its merit for serving some of the Top 10 IT and Software companies, global conglomerates; top 100 Fortune companies, and even some government organizations both inside and outside India. As a patron for linguistic related services, NRV Global makes use of advanced technologies and linguistic software like Translation work spare, MemoQ, Star Transit, LTB, Xbenc and exclusive CAT tools to deliver precision with maximum customization. For the future of the company, NRV Global is planning to open offices in EMEA and Middle East region and launch online translation and interpretation courses in more than 25 Languages.