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  • 10 Most Promising Language Translation & Interpretation Service Providers - 2020

    The number of languages spoken around the world is above 6500 and still there are numerous languages which have not been scheduled by the respective countries and are used by some parts of the world population as their mother tongue. Every language has its own way of pronunciation and also each language has various accents spoken and used by the people. For example, each place has their regional language of which the accent varies in different parts of the state. Today, while most of the people know more than one language which makes them easy to communicate, however, it is not often that people are well versed with the grammatical knowledge and understanding of the written form of other languages. This is when language translations and interpretations are offered by the experts to...

10 Most Promising Language Translation & Interpretation Service Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ActiveLoc ActiveLoc Deepak Madhyastha, Director ActiveLoc is a young and energetic team of localization, technology, project management and business expert professionals with a core team helping businesses to communicate and operate in many languages and geographical locations.
All Translation Services All Translation Services Pawan Bahuguna, Founder A renowned language translation service provider, All Translation Services delivers a comprehensive range of tailor-made language solutions to help the clients move their business to the next level.
Bhasha Bharati Arts Bhasha Bharati Arts Gajanan Shirodkar, Founder Go-to language people of global companies for their translation, typesetting, localization and interpretation requirement from any language to any language, due to their strong network of professional translator linguists.
Filose Filose Sunil Kulkarni, Founder & CEO Known for offering business translation services in India for more than 100 languages with a special focus on all Indian, Japanese and other Asian languages.
Hakoona Matata Hakoona Matata Rasika, Founder Hakoona Matata is a leading Language Service Provider which provides cutting edge solutions in Translation, Content Analysis, Localization, Transcription and Subtitling.
Harivu Creations Harivu Creations Shashidhara Seetharamaiah, Director & Co-Founder, Ratheesha Rathnakara, Director & Co-Founder Best-in-class content transformation services provider that offers Dubbing, Translation, Voice-Over, Subtitling, Interpretation, Transcription and Content Creation of all forms of content of any size and scale.
Lisan India Lisan India Asif Iqbal Khan, Co-Founder Lisan offers wide range of language specific solutions to the translation companies, international organisations and government establishments, expanding its horizons to the depth of language industry.
NRV Global Language Services NRV Global Language Services Ninad Vahikar, Founder & Managing Director NRV Global Language Services provides Linguistic Services in various domains, specialized in Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Voice-over, Subtitling and Proofreading in various languages.
Shakti Enterprise Shakti Enterprise Amit Shirodkar, Director Shakti Enterprise is a multilingual translation agency that provides professional language translation services in all the major Indian and Foreign languages.
Valuepoint Knowledgeworks Valuepoint Knowledgeworks R. S. Shanbhag, Chairman Knowledgeworks is a leading language translation services company providing a broad spectrum of highend localization solutions to key industry verticals.