NJS Engineers: Tailor-Making Wastewater Treatment Solutions with High-End Technology Interventions

Dr. Uday Kelkar, Vidyadhar Sontakke, Dr. YogeshGokhale & Sanjay Guleria,DirectorsDue to rapid industrialization and growing population in India, wastewater volume is at an alarming rise wherein wastewater from urban and rural centers is estimated to cross 120,000 and 50,000 MLD respectively by 2051. Indian Ministry of Water Resources reveals that the country can recycle 40 billion litres of waste water generated every day, but unfortunately the lack of treatment and one-size-fits-all approach prevent the wastewater recycling and reuse.

One company that has responded particularly well to this grim reality is Pune-based NJS Engineers India (NJSEI) – a subsidiary of NJS Japan, which has a strong emphasis on the recycling and reuse of wastewater. NJSEI adopts a multiple-barrier approach to the recycled water quality to protect the water source and end-user. NJSEI takes-up the recycling task from concept to commissioning and goes further to support operation and maintenance.
“There are many players in this market who come up with different technological options. However, letting customers understand their real problem and giving them the tailor made right solutions to suite their business case are the real challenges,” asserts Vidyadhar Sontakke, Director, NJS Engineers.

The company covers an entire range of environmental engineering disciplines alongside the complete project cycle

With their world-class technical expertise, and focus on customer satisfaction, NJSEI has helped Welspun Industries (in Anjar, Gujarat) to use recycled water as process water in their pipe manufacturing company and the textile industry after treating the sewage water to meet the process water quality requirements. NJSEI also helped Nagpur Municipal Corporation and MahaGenco to formulate and implement a municipal wastewater recycling project that produces almost 130 MLD of recycled water from Nagpur City’s municipal wastewater for use in cooling towers of MahaGenco at the Kharadi Thermal Power Station.

Elaborated Services
The company covers an entire range of environmental engineering disciplines alongside the complete project cycle including initial project identification studies, master
planning, technical, economic & financial feasibilities, detailed engineering design, cost estimations, and also prepares tender documents (for execution of the work and selection of contractors), evaluates tender, and supervises construction & contract management. It’s not surprising that most of the wastewater recycling & sewage plants in India are initiated, conceptualized, commissioned, and successfully installed by NJSEI. “We also help in startup, commissioning, and operation maintenance of the assets for improvement of urban environment,” adds Dr.Yogesh, Director NJS

In addition to wastewater recycling, NJSEI also provides design, engineering and project management services for 24 x 7 water supply projects. Over the last decade, NJSEI has made significant contribution to improving the water quality of Hussain Sagar Lake (Hyderabad) and Rankala Lake (Kolhapur) by implementing various engineering & technology interventions (including biological nitrogen removal, ultra-filtration, membrane bioreactor and other advanced processes).

The ISO 9001:2015 certified company deploys experts in process design, engineering, project management, health & safety, construction supervision and allied disciplines to deliver value to its clients. Since its inception in 2007, NJSEI has made significant strides, and has crossed a revenue of 25 crores in the last financial year, and is ambitious to reach Rs.50 crore by 2023.