Niranjan Ultrasound India: The Cynosure of the Ultrasound Refurbished Industry

Niranjan Kumar, Managing Director

Niranjan Kumar

Managing Director

Increasing privatization, poor reimbursement for medical treatments, colossal patient population base and presence of medical abodes with budget constraints pricked companies like GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare to effectuate refurbishment facilities, thus propelling growth of refurbished medical equipment market with estimates to reach $11.91 billion by 2021. Competing with such panjandrums is Niranjan Kumar (Managing Director, Niranjan Ultrasound) who established Niranjan Ultrasound India(NUI), a premier ultrasound equipments refurbishment company, to redefine ultrasound equipments’ usage. The only Indian company with ISO 13485:2012 certification combines 100+ refurbishment processes to deliver quality functional products at value price, thus adding volumes to affordable healthcare segment.

A standalone provider of annual maintenance contract and comprehensive maintenance contract for multinational products, NUI imports pre-owned machines only from America to ensure quality at par excellence which appeals medical fraternity beyond boundaries. The company has carved niche by listing Transducers/probes (ultra-modern technology for equipment repair) in its catalogue and owns a dedicated
laboratory that refurbishes volumes
of 4D probes. Upgrading ultrasound machines since 1999, NUI has served nearly 10,000 customers in 70+ countries and provides after-sales services for every machine sold, irrespective of the location. No wonder, this Calicut-based company graphed revenue turnover of $3 million and accrued FDI from an American company named KPI Healthcare recently!

A standalone provider of annual maintenance contract and comprehensive maintenance contract for multi-national products, NUI imports preowned machines only from America to ensure quality at par excellence

Refurbishing Like No Other
Employing medical statistics & experience in the right business, Niranjan explains, “The machine utility in Indian hospitals proliferates as nearly one hundred patients walk-in the abode daily. We decided to take up the responsibility to bring in these machines, refurbish them by adding value, install latest licensed software followed by an upgrade that makes them as efficient as new ones, but on a cost-effective scale”. Amidst this process, it ensures that every product passes the quality check and assessed by experts; only after this analysis, products are exhibited on online portals and marketed digitally, with transparency, to make its presence heard globally. While adhering to PCPNDT and various environmental laws, NUI provides 4D machines and deploys phantom
technologies like 2D phantom, 3D phantom and flow phantom. “We use these phantoms to calibrate and upgrade the system to assure the end-product delivered incurs international quality. With this excellence in work, we have marked our calibre in the market over these years with such great business,” adds Niranjan.

NUI operates on two-line working nature –domestic business and export business. While the former has helped many sanatoriums upgrade their ultrasound scanning equipments, the latter involve transmits of products that are slightly expensive. Alongside, the company gives replacement convenience and one year warranty along with the benefit of extended warranty.

A Competitive Player
Since the product application is core in bringing technology close to the user, NUI’s service engineers ensure that the hospices availing these ultrasound equipments understand the know-how of its application, hence delivers unmatched after-sales services as per MNC standards. Also in the awareness campaign is NUI’s ‘color doppler’ magazine describing new technologies and better alternatives following the latest trends.

With PAN India and global expansion plans in pipeline, NUI is in the process to commencing operations in Middle-East, Africa and Central Asia and envisions scaling its revenue graph to Rs.100 crore. Awarded as the ‘Techno Entrepreneur of the Year’ by department of Science & Technology, Niranjan believes, “Medical equipment refurbishment industry has the potential to accentuate affordable healthcare segment and recycle, reuse, refurbish is the need of the hour,” signs off Niranjan.