• Power Point Cartridges: Manifesting An Easier Way Of Office Printing Management
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    Power Point Cartridges: Manifesting An Easier Way Of Office Printing Management

    As innovations and new roots of cost savings in the print industry are here to stay, paper will likely never leave the corporate realm entirely. But still it’s more than a fact that if not given gravity, the corporate print environment is often a confounded cost center that can be much more expensive than most businesses envision. While millions of printers purchased in the 1990s are still active out there, many enterprises do not have a precise count of printers, copiers and fax machines they have deployed over the years, and thus still are actively ‘managing’ those huge costs. To attain a firm grip on printing costs, it is imperative for businesses to have a firmer grip on their printing infrastructure. While businesses voyage in pursuit of ways to reduce operating costs,...


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