Nimba Design Studio: Offering a Gamut of Innovative & Authentic UI/UX Design Services

Ishant Singh,FounderWith the Indian market posing to become a consumption market and customers becoming more and more internet-savvy, It becomes imperative for organizations to spruce-up their applications and websites in order to facilitate the users with richer and streamlined experiences. This eventually led to the rise in the demand for UX & UI designers and firms. Many technocrats and software professionals have ventured into this domain to satiate the ever evolving and changing needs of the UI/UX landscape. Ishant Singh is among those UX/UI aficionados who perceived the potential of this opportune market and set his sight on establishing Nimba Design Studio - a dedicated user interface and user experience design consultancy firm advancing a gamut of professional design services including iOS/Android apps, websites, e-Commerce, web apps, software, and other screen based interactive products to organizations across disparate disciplines. The company remains engaged in crafting innovative products, branding visuals, HTML coding, System & Service Design and other relevant activities.

"We are a typical UI & UX design firm proffering a horde of design services and cater to needs related to UI/UX design like innovation, design thinking, strategies, branding, animation, and HTML coding. Our main object of this exercise is to equip organizations who resolute to solve
problems and measure the next-gen needs by availing the power of new-fangled technologies like mobile and computers.

The team Nimba Design Studio oversees its gambits in accordance to the UI/UX exigencies of the client's. Tasks are earmarked between the employees based on their dexterities. The squad comprises of extremely talented Product designer, UX researcher, UI designer, graphic design, motion graphic designer and HTML developer. The team staunchly endeavours to accomplish the single objective of the company which is to deliver and bring about the best design solutions in the ecosystem, On which Ishant comments, "We have a technologically diverse team that come from different disciplines but contribute towards the augmentation of one discipline. However, talking about the size of the team, we prefer to keep it small as it becomes easy to understand each-other, avail the capabilities for the right purpose, share knowledge and coordinate efficiently. Even though we are small in number, but we are huge in capabilities. We intend to keep ourselves abreast by upgrading ourselves with latest technology, design knowledge, latest skills and the understandings of the space around us".

Nimba Design Studio- a dedicated user interface and user experience design consultancy firm advancing a gamut of professional design services

Climbing the Ladder of Success
The prime mover was very diligent while deciding on the kind of solutions and services he opts to offer through Nimba, as the end in view was to bestow nonpareil service. This meticulous provision of the creator not only created an impressive stance in the market, but earned the firm its first yet buoyant project from a billion-dollar company. Nimba has established its client-base in a number of Indian companies as well as MNCs, in India and abroad. The successful completion of about five major projects of a multi-billion pharmaceutical company known as Dr. Reddy's Labs is one of the major achievements of the company so far. "The first eight months we dedicated to a lot of introspection and upgradation before undertaking any major project. This helps us to stay ahead of the curve from the nascent stage. This bespoke about our excellence and we ended-up being a reputed firm in the UX/UI space," he adds.

Nimba Design studio aims to steer its future objective towards attaining perfection over the existing services as well as the upcoming facilities it intends to introduce. It is striding ahead with the sole aspiration to keep its clients happy and contented.