Nila Polycast Baction: Succeeding Waste Management with its Innovative Baction Composting Technology

Pratik Katekar, Founder,Nikhil Ganorkar, Co-Founder

Pratik Katekar, Founder & Nikhil Ganorkar, Co-Founder

Due to rapid industrial growth and migration of people from villages to cities, the urban population is increasing rapidly, and so are pollution and waste. As more land is needed for the ultimate disposal of these solid wastes, issues related to disposal have become highly challenging. Putting a full stop to this scenario is Pune-based Nila Polycast Baction, an efficient waste management company with unique and best-in-class
services and products. Its decentralized SWM (Solid Waste Management) techniques with an advanced technology reap maximum benefit of the available space in the urban areas.

Nila Polycast’s Baction Composting Technology, MicroBaction (Rotary Drum Technology) and DomBin (Domestic Composting Bin), and the unique bacterial culture makes the company one of the most distinctive waste management company, whether dry or wet waste. The technologies are scientific, cost-effective, customizable (as per the quantity of wet waste generated and number of flats and space available in the society) and odourless composting techniques,
which can be implemented anywhere like; in the backyard or even in the terrace of a building.

Technology Best Suitable for Indian Waste Management
Nila Polycast’s drum-based composting (Baction Composting technology, portable composting technology) customizable for societies and DomBin is used for individual flat level waste management, while its MicroBaction is used for bungalow level to dispose-off the wet and garden’s dry leafy waste. It also offers dry/wet waste shredders. “Operation and sustainability of the project are the most important parameters. Considering the rotary drum technology, it is easy & simple for the operator to process and handle the waste,” explains Nikhil Ganorkar, Co-Founder, Nila Polycast Baction.

"We hold expertise in bio-mechanical compositing for mixed waste"

Being incepted by four founders (Nikhil & Pratik Katekar (Microbiologists), and Lalit Morankar & Nitin Shinde (Mechanical Engineers)), the organization has specifically designed bacterial culture as per the requirements of degradation of the raw material to obtain fertilizer of utmost quality in less time interval. “These products are in huge demand in the private sector. In case of the government local bodies, we consult and implement bio-methanation plants, and provide bio-mining services for complete degradation or waste management of all existing dumping grounds. We hold expertise in bio-mechanical compositing for mixed waste,” asserts Pratik.
Focused on scientific, cost-effective, customizable (portable projects) and orderly parameters, the company offers waste management solutions only post surveying the field level regarding the waste generation. As a part of the consultation for Swachh Survekshan 2019 for some urban local bodies in Maharashtra, the company provides various consultations for a holistic solution. “Before recycling the waste, we focus on reducing and reusing it to decrease the quantity of waste to be recycled by conducting various training and awareness programs on waste management (in collaboration with NGOs and associated partners) and even demonstrate the project in a centralized way. This helps to reduce the capital costs for clients,” explains Lalit. It also offers operation & maintenance for the implementation of the project, hence becoming an end-to-end wet waste processing solution provider.

“The fact that most of the products are produced in-house makes them affordable and provides us an edge over quality. We focus on different types of wastes and in the coming years, there should not be any waste that we cannot treat,” asserts Nitin. With such exceptional arsenals, this 2014-founded company has served bigwigs such as corporate and Government bodies comprising of eminent names like Tata Motors, Mindtree, Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation, Khed Nagar Parishad, Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, and so forth. With an aim to reduce cost of production, the company is engaged in continuous R&D on SWM, and is on a lookout to spread its wings across various other localities in Maharashtra and India.