Nextbrain Studio: Concocting Meaningful Designs & Exclusive User Experience

Saranraj.C ,  CEO
Saranraj.C, CEO

With the steadily rising number of smartphone users, many forward-thinking organizations are channeling their investments towards engaging these users with attractive UX designs laced with niche technologies (3D graphics, VR and micro-interactions) that will pave the way for a brighter future. Undeniably, improved & innovative UI and exclusive user experience can open a wide horizon of mobile apps being actively used in business. Proffering precisely this is Nextbrain Studio, a Bangalore-based UI/UX design studio, offering world-class designs & user experiences to global clients, elevating their business to the next level with exclusive designs. The company is committed to ameliorate its clients’ mobile apps & websites utilizing meaningful designs with interactive components that take the customers through an exclusive user experience.

“Our commitment towards excellence in the UI/UX design services is achieved by incorporating innovation with the client’s idea. We make our services incomparable and exquisite by following only the best practices of
UI/UX designs,” remarks Saranraj.C, CEO, Nextbrain Studio. It outclasses competition as a distinguished UI/UX Design Studio with its exclusive designs, user centric approach, and technical brilliance that can digitally transform the user’s experiences from good to exclusive. With its expertise in feature prioritization, competitive analysis, business research, stakeholder interviews, design discovery, interactive designs and information architecture, Nextbrain surges ahead of its competitors and ensures successful customer engagement & retention.

"Our commitment towards excellence in the UI/UX design services is achieved by incorporating innovation with the client’s idea"

Harnessing the Power of Technology
The company’s tightly knit team of researchers, dreamers & transformators works towards offering exclusive user experiences & designs to a dizzying array of industries, from startups and mid-sized companies to enterprises. This wide range of tailored services along with innovative and attractive designs, coupled with niche & upcoming technologies (voice-controlled UI, virtual reality, 3D graphics, display for foldable screens, visual storytelling, chatbots and more) that the future is likely to embrace, empower Nextbrain to stand as a leader amidst high competition.

“We keep our standards high to offer world-class UI/UX designs
apace with the latest technologies and ever-changing customer taste & preferences worldwide. With excellence & innovation working hand-in-hand, it is good enough to meet the expectations of our clients and their customers world wide,” avows Karthick M, Digital Marketing Specialist, Nextbrain Studio. Running successfully as an evidence to its excellence is Naagali, an extremely user-friendly app it built for the farmers of Andhra Pradesh, offering them a marketplace for buying and selling of agricultural commodities, along with a discussion platform that is simple enough for the not so tech-savvy farmers.

Likewise, it also has a payment wallet called MyMoney with excellent UI/UX design, which helps users to pay their bills without carrying cash or debit and credit cards. Keen on continuously learning new technologies and innovating, the company is currently working on augmented reality, buttonless interactions as well as personalised interactions.

Towards a Brighter Future
Born in March 2016, Nextbrain already has more than 50 employees across Bangalore, Chicago and Ontario, catering to top-notch clientele across 20 countries including L&T Services, Godrej, Tech Mahindra and Chef’s Basket just to name a few. Having achieved a whopping 500 percent revenue growth in FY 2018-2019 over the previous year, Nextbrain targets to clock a revenue of $1 million this year.