Netimpact Solutions: Customizing Big Data Social Analytics & Strategic ORM Frameworks for Improved Consumer Experience & Stickiness

Rahul Saighal,Founder & MD

Rahul Saighal

Founder & MD

Living in the information age, a data center collects tons of abstract data streaming from internal to external resources like CRM systems, social media sites and web hosting platforms daily. Digging deep into the search engine metrics, Google processes around 3.5 million searches every day, which opens-up billions of other search avenues in increasing brand visibility. Parallely, with the growing chatter and heavy traffic on the feedback-inflow on social media, brand-trolls, brand-jacking and similar other malpractices are gaining radius, exposing organizations to an open threat in demeaning their reputation. In this need of the hour, Netimpact Solutions Private Limited interjects a data-driven-commensalism between brands and the affiliates to churn-up a positive thread of events across the content communities.

In the face where traditional techniques fall short in filtering and managing the massive surge of information, Netimpact's Big Data social analytics tools can rove through petabytes of information to fish-out any troubling attack blog. In performing online reputation & response management (ORM), it banks on core analytics to sketch-up a nearly exact knowledge graph about the viewer's prospect or market response about the newly branded
products for a thorough look through consumer sentiments. Be it for defending the reputation or in uplifting the consumer experience, Netimpact plays a dual role in rewarding the organization. Its AI-enabled intelligent plat-form not only captures all complaints & queries in a lighting fast speed, but also grants an extra time to resolve the customer queries more efficiently. Being a celebrated participant in fueling brand growth, now it is putting its best foot forward to help the customers to stay on the top by repairing tarnished brand reputation, delivering on-time follow-up of the customer feedback, as well as fishing helpful industry insights to sustain in the larger ecosystem.

In the present industry, many business affiliates and solution providers promise a data-driven competency in their service of which 85 percent struggles to manage the data and 37 percent of them gains success. Being a seasoned marketer, the gap was well-predicted by Rahul Saighal (Founder & MD, Netimpact) during his early days in Samsung India as its Group CMO. To utilize the daily generated data-overflow, Rahul incepted Netimpact in 2014 to bring-in a holistic range of tools and data-driven services in providing helpful insights to the customers for real-time business transformation and un-trammelled organisational growth. Rahul adds, "Netimpact's ORM & advanced AI driven social analytics is the next generation of service, enabling brands to take a proactive stance in a rapidly changing digital environment and to improve stickiness & customer experience hugely."

Entailing Customized Analytical Framework
Rahul believes that every byte of data generated is significant and are constantly scanning the ecosystem for key trends and technology led solution which befits the need of the client. Netimpact's team of developers has come with propriety tools and intelligent techniques to locate the key performance indicators (KPI) and accordingly suggests a flexible value-creation framework to monitor the KPIs. Working with top blue-chip organisations, Indian & global FMCGs, telecom and other sects of the consumer industry enabled Net-impact to deliver measured dialogs with the audience and to avoid any force majure circumstances. On the other hand, Netimpact's turnaround time on responses is best-in-class when it comes to testing its capability to offer better RoI and growth ideas in protecting brand-reputation.

To date, Netimpact has analyzed about 1.8 million social conversations while working with famous brands like Quikr, GlaxoSmithKline, Stars Sports, Bajaj Group and other trusted clienteles. Further, focussing on security of the client data, recently, it has obtained ISO certification for IT security. Likewise, Netimpact is about to introduce AI-embedded next-gen analytics to capture the sentiments of the feedback community more accurately.