NBS Travels: Leveraging on Quality Service & Expertise to Disrupt the Corporate Employee Transportation Sector in Mumbai

Sayed Nasir , Founder & Co-Owner

Sayed Nasir

Founder & Co-Owner

The chaotic public transport system combined with a lack of infrastructure and passenger safety has been a huge issue for daily commuters in India. Especially in big metro cities like Mumbai, the traffic congestion woes along with concerning public transport alternatives have resulted in the gradual boom of the corporate transport ecosystem in the country, enabling a large number of passengers to travel together thereby contributing significantly to traffic congestion reduction, pollution, as well as employee productivity.

Started by Sayed Nasir in 1988, NBS Travels, an abbreviation for Nasir Bus Service, is a Mumbai based leading corporate employee transport service provider, leveraging its fleet of buses to provide timely staff transport services to many reputed organizations. Initially starting his journey as a bus driver, Nasir later bought the bus and started his entrepreneurial journey. Those days, the transport services in the Andheri East SEEPZ, a Special Economic Zone and heart of Mumbai, were only provided by government buses. That’s when Nasir started his bus service in the SEEPZ and the business flourished. Today, the maximum number of employees across Mumbai travel to SEEPZ for work.

Today, almost 90 percent of NBS’s business comes from the numerous organizations in the SEEPZ area. In 1998, the younger brother of Nasir, Sayed Aleem, also joined the business, and since then, has been a huge support to Nasir. Over the years, both
brothers have worked tirelessly to expand the business while focusing on increasing the fleet of buses. Currently, Aleem manages the overall operation at the firm. Today, the firm has over 200 buses, providing services to some of the biggest corporates, such as Johnson & Johnson, Kotak Mahindra Bank, JW Marriott Hotel, D Decor, Crisil, Sharekhan, and many more.

Sayed Aleem, Co-Owner

Coming to the service offered, NBS has a wide range of transport vehicles, such as Tempo traveler, AC buses, non-AC buses, and so on, assigned based on customer requirements. Each of the vehicles is equipped with GPS tracking systems. The GPS IDs of the assigned buses are shared with both the client organization as well as employees to ensure efficient tracking of the whole journey. "Each driver at NBS has extensive experience and expertise in driving and is hired after a stringent background check. All employees also attend training programs as well as the monthly official meeting, which helps them understand the client’s expectations better and provide service accordingly", shares Sayed Aleem, Co-Owner.

Starting in 1988 with just one bus, NBS has come a long way in terms of overall growth, customer base & fleet of uses

For each of the client organizations that have booked around 10 to 15 buses at NBS, the firm assigns a dedicated supervisor to ensure smooth service delivery. The supervisor personally looks into the assigned bus schedules, ensures timely transportation, and manages alternative arrangements for the client in case of bus breakdown. An in-house maintenance team takes care of the vehicle servicing, breakdown, maintenance, and services.

Starting in 1988 with just one bus, NBS has come a long way in terms of overall growth, customer base, and fleet of buses. In 2024, NBS has plans to buy many more new buses. Today, the 2nd generation in this family owned venture, Sayed Asif (Nasir’s son) and Sayed Azeem (Aleem’s son) have joined NBS and are ready to move the business forward.