O2 Mobility: Bringing about a Change through Transformative Corporate Mobility Solutions

Rahul Pravindra ,  CEOThe evolution of corporate transportation is imminent, marked by a pivotal shift towards sustainability and efficiency. Public transit systems, notably metro connectivity, emerge as linchpins in this transformation. O2 Mobility, a Bangalore based firm, envisions this shift, championing sustainable first and last-mile solutions integrated with the metro network. Pioneering clean transportation services, the company is a trailblazer in reducing carbo footprints and enhancing air quality. As a trailblazer in transportation as- a-service, O2 Mobility provides sustainable commuting solutions. It facilitates seamless EV infrastructure setup, catalyzing the transition towards eco-conscious mobility with a significant 20-30 percent EV fleet inclusion.

Driving the Change
O2 Mobility, a trailblazer in India’s corporate mobility sphere, is a comprehensive solution provider driving the transition to electric mobility seamlessly. The company simplifies the transformation process for corporate entities, offering a holistic approach to transportation services. From meticulously planning EV requirements based on employee locations and schedules to setting up fast-charging hubs on the client’s premises, O2 Mobility ensures a hassle-free transition to an eco-friendly fleet.

“At O2 Mobility, our commitment to sustainability drives our every action. By embracing electric vehicles and optimizing our fleet with cutting edge tools, we’re not just reducing carbon footprints but redefining how corporate mobility impacts our environment. Leveraging first and last-mile connectivity, we integrate public transport, paving the way for greener commutes. Our efforts aim not only to provide efficient transportation solutions but to leave a lasting
positive impact on the planet we call home”, shares Rahul Pravindra, CEO of O2 Mobility.

The firm’s transportation-as-a service model offers a turnkey solution, alleviating the financial burden on corporations while promoting environmental sustainability. By managing the EV fleet operations and installing necessary charging infrastructure, O2 enables companies to adopt electric vehicles effortlessly. This transition fosters cost-efficiency and enhances environmental stewardship, aligning with corporate sustainability goals.

Beyond facilitating the EV shift, O2 Mobility caters to the dynamic needs of India’s corporate mobility sphere. The company alleviates the investment burden on clients, ensuring hassle-free and sustainable commuting solutions. Recognizing the imperative for employee safety and retention, O2 Mobility collaborates with corporations, expediting the transition from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to EV fleets.

O2 Mobility’s signature lies not merely in transportation services but in a holistic approach that redefines the very paradigm of corporate mobility. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustain ability, the firm navigates the future of corporate transit, driving toward a greener, more efficient, and employee-centric mobility landscape.

“We have in-house optimization tools which we have perfected for many years that help our ops team maximize routes and increase vehicle utilization. These tools are also linked to public transport services like the metro and buses – we provide shuttle services with our fleet that connects with public transport”, shares John Jagan, Senior Manager Operations.

O2 Mobility, a trailblazer in India's corporate mobility sphere, is a comprehensive solution provider driving the transition to electric mobility seamlessly

Journey & Future
In 2019, fuelled by a vision for sustainable transportation, Rahul Pravindra embarked on a transformative journey, founding O2 Mobility. His passion for sustainability, nurtured during his educational tenure at the University of Cambridge, drove him to revolutionize India’s corporate mobility landscape. Rahul’s exposure to Europe’s electric vehicle industry ignited a genuine desire to contribute to India’s shift toward a more eco-friendly future.

O2 Mobility, under Rahul’s leadership, envisions an expansive future. By 2025, the company aims to widen its operational footprint and fleet, extending its impact beyond borders. The goal for the firm is to significantly increase the prevalence of electric mobility in India, synchronizing with the government’s ambitious plan of achieving a substantial 30 percent electric transportation segment before the decade concludes. This strategic expansion propels O2 Mobility toward a greener, more sustainable tomorrow, marking a pivotal milestone in India’s corporate mobility journey.