Navidad Infotech: An Innovative Business Organization with an Impeccable Track Record

Noel Macwan,Founder and CEO

Noel Macwan

Founder and CEO

Noel Macwan is the founder of Navidad Infotech which is a company that delivers Services and Products kindred with technology and Innovation. Navidad Infotech offers top-notch Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, 3D Printing & Home Automation Solutions in India. Noel is a BTech degree holder in Computer Science & Engineering at Parul University and during his academics he contributed to developer community as a chapter lead of Developer Student Club which is a program by Google Developers and Microsoft Student Partner.

He developed open-source, after-market ROMs based on Android, Tesla OS and Glaze OS (Operating System) and he has compiled customized Linux kernels (Android) for Sony devices. He has contributed to various open-source projects and the projects are being pre-served for future generation by GitHub Archive Program, it is designed to last for 1,000 years, and stored in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault, deep beneath an Arctic mountain in Svalbard, Norway.

Later, he had built 3D Printer from scratch, started providing on-demand printing service all over India and incorporated the startup during his bachelors. Recently he has also developed Holostick product after refining business idea through Harvard Business School Online professional certification on Entrepreneurship Essentials. Presently he is pursuing MTech in Soft-ware Engineering at BITS Pilani.
Navidad Infotech has been recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India owing to their innovative mindset. Talking more about Navidad Infotech and the company's objectives, Noel adds, "3D Printers enables you to produce complex (functional) shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods and our vision is to develop 3D Printing technology and its application in India.

3D Printing community is making its application to various fields as low-cost mass manufacturing and prototyping and our aim is to provide budget friendly on-demand 3D Printing Service and develop affordable DIY 3D Printers which would help our developing country ease supply chain in various applicable fields or an individual to receive affordable prototype solutions which would lead to more growth of innovation in our society. We have developed a dedicated web platform to provide the best user experience across the nation. The users can upload their 3D Design models with their defined printing configuration on the website and find 3D Printed models at their doorstep.

We build 3D Printers from scratch and modify printers from other manufactures to provide the optimized results. We also sell 3D Printers & 3D Printer filaments of various manufactures, providing all-in-one 3D Printing solutions, and we're bringing 3D Printing to the common user's fingertips. Through all this, we are aiming to create smart solutions (products) for end consumers, and services for entrepreneurs and companies to flourish and by doing that, we want to be a part of the nation building process".

Adding more about the evolution of the company and the various mile-stones that they have received, Noel says, "We recently started solving a problem in the photography industry which was creative photographers use steel wool and single-color tube light to capture light painting photos, but the photos are only creative for once and they would need other concepts or equipment to capture the next one. To solve this problem, we developed Holostick- photographers can choose holographic art of their own choice and they can capture endless creative photos using a single tool. The Holostick acts as an invisible screen in the air which provides photographers the desired foreground or background.

The Holostick project tends to bring evolution in the upcoming photography industry and we have developed an innovative product in this huge market where every other industry is dependent upon. Using the services which we offer, Software and Hardware Development and Manufacturing, we have also developed an efficient process of product development and management and integrated the services stack to build our own products and test new ideas, being said that, we're looking for opportunities in other sectors to develop such other innovative solutions".