Nationwide Waste Management Services: Embarking on the 'Zero Waste to Landfill' Challenge

Ram Inder Singh Kochar, Promoter & MD

Ram Inder Singh Kochar, Promoter & MD

India’s pressing call for waste disposal management necessitates shifting from a linear economy (make-use-discard) to a circular economy (make-use-recover-regenerate) resulting from the shocking estimate that waste could grow up to 162 million tonnes by 2030. While tackling this issue poses a herculean task, the current scenario calls for innovative approaches to quality-led waste management services that cut-down on waste, additionally maximizing value and efficiency.

Aiming to revolutionize‘India’s garbage to Gold’ possibilities, Nationwide Waste Management Services (NWMS) established in 2016, is a single window service provider for all waste management needs that aims to realise this vision. Under the aegis of Ram Inder Singh Kochar (Promoter & MD, NWMS), the company thrives with its systematic and forward-thinking approach and is en route to creating a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ era.

In accordance with the Solid Waste Management (SWM) Bye-Laws 2018 & SWM Rules 2016, NWMS has avowed to take care of all bulk-waste generators. Citing a few to be waste-segregation at source, training and implementation along
with monitoring and auditing of waste disposal strategies and additionally issuing compliance certifications for the same. The company has further been empanelled by EMDC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation) as an Authorized Waste Collector who stands armed with the expertise to fight the ‘war on waste,’ doing all in its power to spread awareness and passionately commit to treating our Mother Earth and the community with respect. Ram thereby avers, “We have a responsibility to all our stakeholders, including our employees, our clients, the public, and the communities, in which we work; to serve, protect and engage. And we will encourage better recycling so that our ultimate goal ‘Zero waste to landfill’ is fulfilled”.

"A highly proactive leader in the industry, NWMS implements a practical approach when it comes to ensuring proper disposal of waste in accordance with SWM guidelines"

Proactive Support & Systematic Approaches
A highly proactive leader in the industry, NWMS implements a practical approach when it comes to ensuring proper disposal of waste in accordance with SWM guidelines. Thus, the company ensures the deployment of highly-knowledgeable experts to get the job done in proficiency-excelled standards. Offering pre-audits with customized training for its clients with assistance in creating standardized operating procedures, NWMS knows no end when it comes to undertaking these issues first-hand. The company implements training via systematic approaches additionally providing hand-holding (on-job training) with relevant bar-codes & audit policies for client employees.
NWMS further developed an app-based software to digitize waste-disposal process for its clients facilitating barcoding on waste bags to track & identify collection points where waste is not being segregated properly. Moreover, the segregation process at client's premise is monitored by an NWMS executive and a report on the same is provided, including segregation and storage reports with certification and compliance for proper disposal and recycling adherence.

Besides these offerings, NWMS holds activities to create sensitization of communities tagging ‘Bin it Right’ as its motto, to highlight the proper segregation of waste and the ease of doing so. Basic personal safety equipment and exclusive training on the usage of the app/software is further provided to Registered Sanitation Volunteers(RSV), to enable seamless collection of waste and obtain feedback that can be shared with waste generators permitting remedial steps to be initiated to achieve 100 percent segregation.

An Expansion Expectation
Serving prestigious clients like The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Shangrila, Dharmshila Hospital, The Roseate and many more, the company is all set to cater to Agra Nagar Nigam (a local municipal council) with its comprehensive dry/wet waste solutions. The company embarks on setting-up biodegradable (food) composting/bio-methanation units to handle multi-city expansion, while anticipating certification under ISO 9001 and 14001. NWMS also undertakes CSR activities in association with Sukhmani Seva Trust to support and aid rag-pickers financially.