My Private Tutor: Take Tutoring Service to New Heights

Sandip Kar & Anindya Kar, Co-FoundersAnup Kumar De, a technocrat and a tutor based out of Kolkata had more than two decades of experience in tutoring. Often when it came to acquiring new students, he was not satisfied as they depended solely on word of mouth publicity and the search was extremely localized. Since Anup had already quit his previous job as a techie and took teaching as his full time profession, he was badly in search of a platform that would showcase his skills and qualification to attract more enquiries.

In the process of finding ways to attract enquiries, he started to search for home tuitions on the internet and noticed To his surprise, this was exactly what he was looking for. A platform that provided him with large number of students enquires at just a click! In 2013, Anup joined MyPrivateTutor. Since then he has been enjoying his teaching profession and the services just fit in right to his specific requirement. Needless to say, the platform fulfilled his expectations regarding authenticity, trustworthiness,

convenience and user-friendliness.

Personalized Platform for Students

MyPrivateTutor based in Kolkata at present has 250,000 + registered tutors across 10 countries and is teaching 500+ subjects which includes everything from math to music.As a platform, their mission involves them to provide access to quality personalized education to all. “We aim to achieve this by two means, firstly, by providing a platform for connecting opportunity/demand to talent. The demand for personalized tutoring is soaring all over the world as the traditional classroom based learning methods are providing to be inadequate for the 21st century. At the same time, there is a huge educated and skilled population who are willing to share their skills and knowledge to earn some extra money. We aim to connect the two through our platforms and provide tools to improve the learning experience and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning to build tools that can provide truly customized, personalized education to students,” speaks Sandip Kar, Co-Founder, MyPrivateTutor.

ChatBot called ‘Tora’
Focused on developing cutting edge AI tools for personalizing students learning, MyPrivateTutor has developed a chatbot called‘Tora’ which helps student connect to the right tutors and training institutions in less than 60 seconds. The platform has seen teachers starting out as purely offline teachers and then moving on to take advantage of online
tutoring. Overall, evolution in the process of adapting technology is just another core aspect of their platform.

MyPrivateTutor has 250,000 + registered tutors across 10 countries and are teaching 500+ subjects, which includes everything from math to music.

With roughly 30 percent of their employees being women, they are focused on providing opportunities to their employees to grow and have a fair work-life balance to be able to work in a positive, non-discriminatory, supportive environment. Narrating the future plans, Anindya Kar, Co-Founder, MyPrivateTutor, says, “We will be launching a new project which will combine world-class content with individualized tutoring – both offline and online. We have tied up with a leading Canadian company to provide engaging, personalized content and are training our tutors on using that content to make their lessons more effective and powerful. We are also investing in using AI – be it for better matching of tutors to students or for providing intelligent automated tutoring services. We will also be launching our platform in USA and Canada.