Mobius Architects: Innovating Creative Solutions For All Modern Urban Designing Requirements

Ar. Megha Harkut Laddha & Ar. Akhil K. Laddha,PartnersUrban Planning And Design Software Sales Are Anticipated To Increase From $2.91 Billion In 2021 To $4.53 Billion In 2028, Growing At A CAGR Of 6.5 Percent Throughout That Period. Urbanization Is Fundamental To Growth And Frequently Acts As A Key Engine Of Economic Expansion. The Emphasis Must Be On Ensuring That All Segments Of Society Have The Best Prospects For Economic Progress As India Approaches The Tipping Point Of Its Transition From A Predominantly Rural To An Urban Society. India’s Future Depends On Urbanization.

Only 3 Percent Of The Country’s Area Is Occupied By Cities, But They Account For 60 Percent Of The GDP. In A Few Decades, India Will Have Half Of Its Population Living In Cities. A Multifaceted Organization, Mobius Architects Specializes In Architecture, Urban Planning, Project Feasibility Studies, And Statutory Permissions. The Company Uses Innovative Building Technologies And Design Principles To Produce A Project That Is Both Effective And Sustainable.

Driven With Object-Oriented Approach
The Team At Mobius Is Driven By Its Mission Which Is To Creatively Gear Up The World’s Transition Into Sustainable Building Design And Give Efficient Solutions. Developing A Participative Approach Of All The Entities To The Process Of Creating A Well-Planned Building. This Mission Was Born From The Founder’s Vision To Make People’s Lives Better Through A Well-Planned And Thoughtful Building Design By Collaborative Approach Giving A Creative Skyline. For The Achievement Of This Vision, The Founders And Principal Architects Ar. Megha Harkut Laddha And Ar. Akhil K. Laddha, Have Picked A Strong Team Of Partners And Collaborators That Bring More Than 15 Years Of Extensive Experience In The Building Construction Industry.
“At Mobius We Are Committed Towards Achieving The Equilibrium Between The Project Design Aspirations, Sensitivity Towards The Locality And Its Budget, Profit While Also Keeping A Focus On Timely Delivery”, Shares Ar. Megha Harkut Laddha, Partner, Mobius Architects. As Data-Driven Sustainable Development Becomes More Prevalent, Technology Has Become A Crucial Component Of The Design Process.

Digital Devices Have Grown More And More Vital, From Adaptive Facades To Sensor-Based Lighting And Water Usages To Volume-Based Traffic Control And Monitoring Systems. The Specifics Of Data-Driven Development Implementation Depend On The Urban Designer’s Individual Creative Vision, Which Can Range From Simple And Elegant To Colorful And Bright.

The Company Provides Assistance With The Design And Planning Of Highend Residential Buildings, Commercial Structures, Projects For Affordable Mass Housing, Temple Complexes, Hotels, And Medical Facilities. Clients’ Top Requirements For A Design Firm Are Basic Yet Creative Design Solutions, Elevation Treatments, And Efficient Planning. Commercial Viability, Marketability, And A Sustainable Design Approach Are The Three Most Crucial Aspects Of Every Project For The Firm And Clients. Feasibility Study, Statutory Approvals At NMMC, CIDO, Naina, PMC, And Cities In The Vidarbha Region Are Some Offerings Of The Firm.

Ar. Akhil K. Laddha, Partner

“Our Rational And Systematic Approach To Brief Development And Concept Design Is Highly Sought After. It Is An Iterative, Collaborative Process Which Ensures That The Client’s Objectives Are Enshrined In The Design From The Outset, Delivered In The Completed Building While Achieving Value For Money. The Rapid Investments In Infrastructure Is Fuelling This Growth, Also There Is Increased Awareness In The Community About More Sustainable And Human-Centric Solutions”, Further Adds Megha.

Future Roadmap
Currently, Mobius Architects Is Engaged In Projects In Saudi Arabia And In All Of India. The Company’s Goal Is To Provide An Integrated Urban Design Solution By Improving Its Processes, People, Data, And Technology. Its Mission Is To Expand Mobius Architects Throughout Asia. To Achieve Its Growth And Expansion Objectives, Mobius Architects Believes In The Transformation And Application Of New Ideas, And Strives To Constantly Improve Upon Them.