Metamorphosis: Attaining Roots in the Arduous Organization Setting

Ajay Bakshi,Founder & Managing Director

Ajay Bakshi

Founder & Managing Director

Professionally trained and experienced coaching organizations can work wonders in improving peer relationships, leadership, and management skills for sectors across the globe. The capabilities of leaders are directly correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability, as employees prefer to follow leaders with a clear perspective, skills to navigate and lead during challenging times. Since these attributes are not commonplace, experts are hired to develop these and other leadership qualities which enable individuals and organizations to succeed and prosper.

Metamorphosis is a Pune based firm founded in 2016 by Ajay Bakshi, a performance driven professional having 26 years in the corporate world. Over the years, Ajay has played significant roles for multinational companies as well as large Indian corporates as a CHRO, Board of Directors, and a member of the Executive Council. He has worked for career transitioning, enabling senior executives' progress and helping individuals grow their careers. Having driven a lot of transformation, Ajay was keen to extend his knowledge and help organizations grow through people. "Our vision in three simple words is 'profits for people'. Organizations can grow only when people grow and contribute to the profits. Processes, technologies, and Strategies are important but eventually, it cannot substitute individual knowledge and experience. Enabling organizations to become profitable through people and building sustainable organizations to the right people practices is
what Metamorphosis all about,"signifies Ajay.

Metamorphosis is a strategic leadership development company covering all areas of leadership,right from strategic leadership development, ensuring the right interventions, creating an appropriate leadership organization structure, developing the best leadership capabilities, to accessing, engaging, and retaining the apt leaders. Metamorphosis is providing a gamut of services that includes organization design and restructuring, executive coaching for senior leaders and midlevel managers, HR analytics, Change Management, HR audits, and much more. Currently, the firm is working with 80+ clients some of which includes Volkswagen IT Services, Tata Motors, Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company, Mahindra Ltd.,Tata Tinplate Ltd. Prudential Global Services (India), Indian Oil Corporation, and many more across several industrial verticals for public and private sectors.

PTP(Profit Through People)and bespoke solutions assist our client businesses in achieving longterm value

Significantly, change management is an essential service furnished by the firm in driving organizations forward, wherein it helps in creating the strategy for change, aligning the culture for change, assessing the organization and leadership readiness to handle change, and integrating the process to make change smooth and effective. The firm prefers to get involved with an organization that looks at diversity strategically and believes in creating a holistic and equal opportunity workplace that is driven by meritocracy rather than biases. Metamorphosis focuses on people coming from diverse cultures, skill sets, and educational backgrounds so that they can bring a true sense of diversity with different minds coming collectively to drive innovation. Further, Metamorphosis helps organizations set up the HR analytics center of excellence by creating a strategy going beyond transactional interventions. The firm looks at wellness holistically covering all pillars of elements which includes physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual wellness in an integrated fashion which in today's world is very rare. The firm directly deals with the heads of the business, rather than delegating just to HR. As Ajay says “It's only when you address the pillars of wellness, the organization prospers.”

Since its inception, the firm has grown multifold with satisfied clients including 95percent of retention rate and engaged associates. Metamorphosis has spread its footprints in Mumbai, Bangalore, South Africa, UK and Switzerland and as the company forges ahead to reach new heights, it is keenly looking forward to expanding its presence across the globe. It also aspires to work closely with the government to build the economy & the country and make the world a happier & prosperous place.