Menteso IP: One Stop Shop for Complete Intellectual Property Life Cycle

Azam Ghani, Founder & CEO,Shweta Swaminathan, VP- Business Strategy and Client Success

Azam Ghani

Founder & CEO

As we are rapidly progressing towards a digital world where virtualization is the new reality, assets and properties are not confined to physical entities anymore. To provide services and management relevant to the intellectual property life cycles of the Indian market, many firms were established since the past decade encouraging the boost of patent and trademark services in the country.

As per a recent survey, India has bagged one of the top tenth positions in the ranking of total IP filing activity including both residential and abroad owing to its significant growth in domestic filing for patents which increased from 22 percent in 2013-14 to 34 percent in 2018-19.

Although the Indian patent market is pooled with many key players, the company which stands out by the virtue of its laudable services and technical expertise is Menteso IP. Established by Azam Ghaniin 2010, Menteso IP has emerged as an `Innovation Catalyst' by ensuring impeccable services covering the complete Intellectual Property life cycle provided at one stop to clients.

With services including complete IP Lifecycle i.e., IP Management, IP Development and IP Monetization, Menteso IP supports clients from the conceptualization of ideas to the grant of the patents. "We assist them during the complete Patent Prosecution Process. Our services include assessing the Patentability of an invention, drafting and responding to the examiner's office action. Also, we work closely during product development, IP management, infringement identification, patent searching, drafting, docketing and monetization of the patents. We have over 150 IP Experienced professionals working with us and we have access to 400+ Industry experts around the world.

We ensure to allocate the appropriate team with relevant experience to the particular
project. This boosts the confidence of our clients as the relevant experiences help in understanding the exact requirement and share their inputs accordingly. This enables us to customize the process to match the client expectation," says Shweta Swaminathan, VP ­ Business Strategy and Client Success, Menteso IP.

Menteso IP enjoys a high referral from 99 percent of happy clients owing to its client-oriented processes and strategies which result in high levels of trust, confidence and reliance on brands. Adorned with a highly experienced team and industry expert's knowledge, Menteso IP ensures consistency in the quality-oriented services. With its experienced IP professionals and over 400 industry experts, the collective crosses more than 1000 years which makes Menteso IP a true leader in the IP Industry.

Shweta Swaminathan, VP- Business Strategy and Client Success

"Our team regularly updates their skills and knowledge with recent IP rules and challenges. The strength of the team and their up to date knowledge makes us a promising industry leader. We assist corporate and law firms with IP management throughout their journey, from the Invention to the Granted Patent. We ensure to provide them constant support throughout their experience so that they can focus on their work," adds Shweta.

With services including complete IP Lifecycle like IP Management, IP Development and IP Monetization, Menteso IP supports clients from the conceptualization of ideas to the grant of the patents

An ISO/IEC 27001:2015 Certified firm for Security, Menteso IP is ranked among Top 20 Most Promising IP Service Providers in India (July 2018). The Founder & CEO, Azam Ghani has been named among the top 300 IP Strategists (2018) by IAM Magazine. The IAM Magazine listed Menteso IP among Top 300 IP Strategies in 2018 & 2019. With top tier rankings and a strong market position, the firm has successfully expanded across the globe to San Jose and London, including New Delhi and Noida in India.

Hopeful about the future, Shweta quotes, "In the Initial 5 years, we grew at the rate of 100 percent per annum. In the next five years, the company is determined to grow at a good pace. In the upcoming years, we are expecting better growth. Together with our repeat businesses our marketing strategies are going to play an important role. We are aiming to make our growth to be multi-folded in the next 5 years."