Melghat Cold Chain: Where Perishables Find a Store-Home

Aditya Jhunjhunwala,  CEOAwakening to the ever-changing demands for quality goods, it is quite palpable to state that no consumer or super market would prefer consuming or selling rotten products that have gone past expiry dates. Hence retaining the freshness of freight until it reaches the consumers’ homes, challenges the possibility of finding one-stop-solutions where goods can be stored and transported from a single reliable base, not necessitating more than two parties to ensure the journey of freight right from storage, warehousing and transportation to its destined markets.

Embracing this challenge proficiently is Melghat Cold Chain, which accommodates every process that facilitates refrigerated production, storage processes and transportation of goods. Equipped with customary technology proven to be trust-worthy, Melghat offers comprehensive door-to-door services with hassle-free transport management system to customers right from major industries to local traders &farmers.

Sustaining Collective Solutions on a Single Base
Conveniently located at a transportation hubs that’s reachable from major Indian cities by rail, road and air, the scope of Melghat
services expands as the city presents a gateway to the whole of central India, thus gaining on becoming the first choice of distributors to its customers. Perpetuating the motto of safety, security and care of goods under storage, Melghat is the only 3PL company in the whole of Central India providing a complete package of services inclusive of Chilled Storage (4500), Deep Freeze Storage (700), Blast Freezing (6 Mt/day), Fruit Ripening (4000 MT/year), Dry warehousing (200 MT) and Last Mile Connectivity through Reefer and Insulated vehicles.

" Melghat accommodates eighteen different cold rooms in varying sizes with independent temperature control, serving a large number of customers "

The company accommodates eighteen different cold rooms in varying sizes with independent temperature control, serving a large number of customers with products ranging from raw agricultural to processed foods utilizing Depot and WMS management services with SAP-invoicing and inventory-management, along with auto-invoicing, expiry alerts, FIFO and many more, to add on to its list of exemplary services.

Adequate Infrastructure Ascertaining Quality
Melghat’s supply chains guarantee customer-benefitting, independent and hassle-free supplies, as they are well-equipped for door-to-door and last mile delivery of products to customers in various locations in central India and every corner of the Nagpur city. As a result of owning a fleet of small insulated and refrigerated trucks such as Open Tata Ace, Insulated Super Ace, 1 Tata 207 based Reefer vehicle, its
new addition 2 MT Reefer vehicle(-20 degree C),it does secondary distributions are also done expertly.

Take the case of Ganapati Food Processors, a frozen-fruit products company, for whom Melghat’s Reefer truck picks up material from their plant; 55kms away from their storage provides storage &packing/re-packing services and lastly making on-time delivery of the products to their customers. Such 3PL service has enabled the processor based in remote Bhandara to establish itself as a major Fruit pulp processor in the region inspite of absence of any facility at its home base.

This comprehensive service has elevated the company into one of the most trusted transport refrigeration service providers in the books of many giant customers including Indian Agro & Food Industries Ltd, Maharashtra Agro Ind. Development Corporation, Haldirams and Faasos Food services to name a few.

Emerging Frameworks for doubling Efficiency
Having adeptly handled a volume of supply up to 225,000 units and 500 plus SKUs during FY2017-18, Melghat currently focuses on getting more energy efficient and reducing wastage. “We’re also in the process of installing solar roof top power plant at our cold storage unit which will take care of 70percent of our electric demand after completion, ”divulges Aditya Jhunjhunwala, CEO, Melghat Cold Chain. The company recently started its Navi-Mumbai cold storage unit under its sister concern JSun Foods. The unit is a modern facility with 1200 pallets and equipped with state-of-the-art MHE like an Articulated fork lift.