Magnolia Community Health: India's First On-Campus Employee Integrated Health & Wellness Services Partner

Shridhar Krishnamoorthy ,Founder & Managing Director

Shridhar Krishnamoorthy

Founder & Managing Director

An Employee’s Health and well-being contribute to Employee Performance, energize the workforce, and create a culture and commitment towards a 'Great Place to Work'. Studies have shown that a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing fulfils expectations of demonstrated care from the organization to the employees which in turn translates to improved retention, raises morale, and employee engagement.

'Let’s Get Better at Health' is the mission statement that drives the passion of Magnolia Community Health, a Chennai-based start-up exclusively focused on transforming Corporate Health and Wellness. In the past two years, Magnolia has achieved remarkable success in implementing curated integrated health and wellness services within global MNCs within the Chennai and Tamil Nadu industrial sector and opening doors for conversations and implementation within the services sector in the inclusion of health and wellness services as core elements of HR led employee welfare initiatives on campus in Tamil Nadu and across their pan-India footprint.

"Our conversations with clients are focused on health and wellness services as a competitive differentiator and the ability for us to standardize health and wellness services across the country makes it a core HR benefit service for our client organizations. This is benefiting our clients across all metrics – retention of talent, employee engagement, establishing pan-India consistency in the caring commitment of the organization, and occupational health clinic costs including a reduction in onsite injuries and associated expenses", shares Shridhar Krishnamoorthy, Founder and Managing Director of Magnolia Community Health.

Operating Model
“Ours is a PHYGITAL Operating Model – the PHYSICAL presence of mission-critical healthcare teams (Occupational Health, Community Health, Allied Health, and Wellness services) at the customer location combined with DIGITAL health capabilities that enable the execution of our services and elevate the customer employee health service experience.

We have invested in digital technologies that ensure 100 percent digital health records, and digital management of clinic activities including documentation and compliance reporting", further adds Shridhar. Additionally, our clinics are equipped with digital X-Ray, ECG, and other required medical equipment that can ensure effective first response and stabilization of issues within the golden hour including telehealth consultation with our empanelled specialists across our partner network hospitals and tertiary care centres", shares Shridhar Krishnamoorthy.

"Health is no longer an outcome of an individual's personal lifestyle, it is now viewed with a new lens of an employee's well-being journey"

Rise of Illness
The top three reasons for absenteeism due to illness are pain, digestion, and fever. All three are preventable with a proactive approach focused on the Prevention of Illness and Preservation of Good Health. The results are there to see – Over 50 percent reduction in Outpatient Costs and over 28 percent reduction in absenteeism due to illness. In the post-COVID world, management teams have demonstrated a higher level of consciousness toward Employee Health and well being. “Health is no longer an outcome of an individual's personal lifestyle, it is now viewed with a new lens of an employee's well-being journey", says Shridhar Krishnamoorthy.

The impact of stress and its impact on employee well-being is an awakening to all leaders and innovative programs are being designed and curated for employee welfare, talent management, and workforce performance. Innovative integrated health service companies like Magnolia are exclusively focused on corporate health and wellness. This is core science and has developed an operating model that enables access to a wide range of health services to employees and their families.

An integrated approach makes health services accessible, available, and affordable for corporate clients

"The Aatmanirbhar Bharat, a Self Reliant India, is our national movement to achieve global competitiveness and self-sustainability. As we march towards a 5 Trillion dollar economy, the integrated access to modern medicine along with wellness services at the workplace establishes a vital source of employee productivity and global differentiator for India. Magnolia is India’s first integrated health services provider for corporate and is recognized to be a leader in this segment", closes Shridhar Krishnamoorthy.