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  • 10 Most Promising Workplace Health & Wellbeing Service Providers- 2022

    As the corporate world is getting back on track, employee wellbeing has become the focal point of organizations worldwide. In India , the industry is still on the track of growth. According to recent reports ­ only 15 percent of India's total workforce is currently covered under corporate health and wellness programs. But the trend is changing ever with the covid outbreak . The covid outbreak made employees more health conscious and they started caring more about their health.  Driven by the rise in lifestyle diseases, breakthroughs in the healthcare industry and greater employee awareness, corporate wellness has become the matter of the moment. For a long, corporate wellness has been dominated by secondary healthcare cover only, which is contingent on...

10 Most Promising Workplace Health & Wellbeing Service Providers- 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ayush Health & Wellness Ayush Health & Wellness Ajay Budhkar, Founder The fastest developing health and wellness community organization and a self-funded organization led by an expert team member through direct programs that we are helping one person at a time
HealthifyMe HealthifyMe Tushar Vashisht , Co-Founder & CEO A revolutionary health and fitness application that is on a mission to transform a billion lives and teaches how people stay fit, eat clean, and build a lasting healthy lifestyle
Magnolia Community Health Magnolia Community Health Shridhar Krishnamoorthy , Founder & Managing Director The Wellness services focuses on providing support for addressing the root cause of lifestyle-related complaints and illnesses, Innovative integrated health service companies are exclusively focused on corporate health and wellness
Manah Wellness Manah Wellness Ritika Arora, Co-Founder A preventive mental health company working with progressive organizations to help build emotionally healthy workplaces
NSmiles NSmiles Teju Nageswari, Co-Founder It enhance mental health & wellbeing of students, employees and home makers to feel happier and perform to one's best potential, self-care tools and graded support are powered by Mobile & AI technologies to ensure personalised care
Practo Practo Shashank ND, Founder & CEO It provides a singular platform that helps consumers with all their healthcare requirements from finding the healthcare provider to booking an appointment, online doctor consultation, getting their tests done and even ordering medicines
Silver Oak Health Silver Oak Health Sushil Eapen, CEO It offers high quality yet affordable Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and also offers highly specialised wellbeing services for employees that are performing content moderation activities
The Fuller Life The Fuller Life Arvind Krishnan, Founder An employee wellbeing company offering is Wellbeing on the Web (WoW) for companies, which cover physical, financial, emotional and social wellbeing for companies as small as 50 to 1 lakh people
Truworth Wellness Truworth Wellness Rajesh M., Founder & CEO A corporate workplace wellness company with experience and domain expertise in implementing successful wellness and health benefits programs across various top organizations
Ziqitza Healthcare Ziqitza Healthcare Sweta Mangal, Co-Founder Offers emergency healthcare services which includes ambulance, medical rooms, occupational health centers, health healpines , and medical mobile units to people via public private partnerships or corporate tie ups