MAGMYTH VFX Studio: Offering Top-Class VFX Solutions Backed with Proper Plan & Execution

Tony Tom,Managing Director

Tony Tom

Managing Director

Have you ever wondered what makes a movie so `magical'? If your answer is the monologues or the screenplay, then re-think about it, you are probably missing the major factor in it - The VFX. Yes, it's the VFX that creates amazing visuals and brings imaginary worlds to come into life. It is also the reason that gives the phrase `movie magic' the ring of truth. Nowadays, the VFX technology has become a must in the cinema and entertainment industry.

According to Statista, the VFX and post-production industry across India jumped to a market size of over Rs.68 billion in 2019, from Rs.39 billion in 2016. It's also estimated that the industry would be worth Rs.147 billion by 2024, indicating a tremendous growth potential. Indeed, this demand has increased due to the transformations in the digital landscape to create larger than life frames and pictures.

Addressing this demand while leveraging the opportunity, MAGMYTH VFX Studio, a Kochi-based VFX service provider is leading the way in creating world-class projects in the industry. This 2009-incepted firm is one of the first established visual studios in Kerala that was started with a vision to cater to the general visual effect requirements of the Indian films and advertisements industry. But, with the great dedication of work and best-in-class offerings, the firm transformed itself into an innovative, efficient and dependable VFX partner to a large number of media producers and directors in India.
Contributing the best of its innovations across the sector since the past 11 years, MAGMYTH today has etched a name for itself as a dedicated organization that undertakes projects as a whole while covering all the VFX, animation and production requirements of its clients. This exactly is the reason why the firm is listed in Siliconindia'stop 10 list of most promising visual effect studios in India.

The factor that actually differences MAGMYTH from the crowd is its execution technique, creative and output quality, and also compare to North India, South Indian studios are more budget savers. Where most of the players in the market just focus on completing & delivering the projects, MAGMYTH endeavors to deliver the emotion on the screen amalgamating the magic of visual effects in a project. "We believe that our work is not just about technology or visual effects. Finding out the myth in each shot and perform the magic on it is what needed in this realm to achieve success. Hence we strive hard to provide our creative & professional involvement in each stage of the projects - from idea generation till the completion of the project" states Tony Tom, CEO / VFX Director, MAGMYTH VFX Studio.

We firmly believe that the success we have achieved in this realm, our work should just not be about technological edge or visual effects but about discovering the myth in every shot and creating magic in it with proper planning & execution

The MAGMYTH team comprises of well-experienced artists who utilize their deep industry know-how to proffer utmost quality solutions. Working in unison with technology, the workforce builds services that are unmatchable. The magic created by this team can be seen in various blockbuster movies including Drishyam, Papanasam,7th Day, EnnuNinteMoitheen, The Body, and Thambi to name a few. Apart from that, MAGMYTH has also touched the milestone of completing more than 100 films in five languages.

Bright Future
Which such dedication the studio is witnessing consistent revenue growth of 40 percent YoY since its inception. Besides to expand its business foot-prints, the firm is all set to integrate upcoming trends in the industry such as AI in VFX, new camera & animation technology and much more, to stay ahead and excel. "We are also coming up with two big projects Drishyam-2 and Ram, very soon. Further, it will always be our aim to exceed our customer's expectations," concludes Tony.