MAG Studios: Building Dynamic Websites with Keen Eye on Performance

Lalit Kapur, Managing Director

Lalit Kapur

Managing Director

For organizations in today’s hyper competitive dynamic world, it is imperative to keep the content of all pages of the website fresh with the latest information and news. Accomplishing this expertly with its content management based website development service is MAG Studios. Spearheaded by an IITian with 35+ years of experience, this 2006-founded company offers the perfect blend of experience with the zeal and exuberance of highly efficient & capable software engineers from all over the world. “Our implementations are carefully planned, are optimized for business growth& to increase the RoI, and meet the business needs,”remarks LalitKapur, Managing Director, MAG Studios.

Aiming to be the best in the field, MAG gathers and leverages information about the industry, the key/top performers and the diagnostics about what makes them the best in those fields. It provides innovative product offerings in the content management domain with a keen eye on performance, efficiency and security of the solution.Having successfully accomplished thousands of
implementations(domestic&International) in diverse verticals for numerous clients spanning from startups to Fortune 500 companies including Thomson Press, Gas Authority of India, Sleep well, Honda, YOU Telecom and several large universities, corporations & federations in U.S., MAG understands its clients better than its competitors.

Being an early adopter of new technology, MAG Studios seamlessly integrates its content management solutions with existing setups

Advanced & Flexible Content Management System
Being an early adopter of new technology, the company seamlessly integrates its content management solutions with existing setups. Its mobile responsive, open source and .NET based content management systems are built with open API to integrate with other systems & platforms. Compatible with various OS and devices, this extremely flexible & highly customizable system with multiple language capability & site options is optimized for SEO and permits social integration. Thanks to its point & click interface, even people with no programming language can easily perform the duplication by following the listed steps. Moreover, it has a paid sample set up to provide the feedback and a team set up in-house to analyze and act on the

Aside from the standard analytics & paid tools, MAG follows a simple concept of RoI – traffic needs to be relevant, from the targeted geographies & demographics. “We strive to ensure that the business objectives of our clients are met and any work done by MAG Studios for its clients is held accountable by the client to reach their business goals and drive their revenue,”asserts Lalit. Apart from Online Marketing and Software & App Development, the company’s unique offering startup consulting provides its clients with complete support from the initial scope document to business plan including budget information, hiring plan and the most important marketing plan. The company also assists and supports in running the platform, if the client wishes so.

Having achieved a growth of 100 percent over the last year, MAG intends to repeat the feat for the next five years as well. Apart from establishing its presence in North America & UK regions, the company also has a lofty goal of expanding to tier-2 towns to provide cutting-edge technology & solutions that would empower the rural and backward areas at nominal prices, but with the best brains. MAG is developing certain products in the travel vertical, student housing, children education, luxury living, education and hospitality sectors, which are slated to be launched in the next 2-4 months. In future, MAG aims to foray into the consulting line providing business consulting based on its vast experience in number of years and also exposure in diverse industry verticals.