Lineage Power: One of the World's Fastest Growing Integrated, Dependable & Comprehensive Telecom Solution Providers

Venugopal Rao,,Managing Director
Venugopal Rao
Managing Director

Thanks to the unprecedented increase in tele density, faster adoption of emerging technologies like 4G and a sharp decline in tariffs, India has the planet’s second largest subscriber network after China with nearly 900 million subscribers. This has simultaneously amplified the energy requirement for the telecom industry. Considering the fact that the telecom towers require approximately 14 billion units of electricity per annum, there is a dire need for power management providers which can further drive this sector.

Foreseeing this upheaval way back in 2014, Pace Group acquired Lineage Power from GE U.S. Power Electronics India business under business & technology transfer to bolster its place in DC Power Systems. The joint venture has a broad product portfolio spread across Tower Infra, Power Generation, Power Handling, Storage Technology, Cooling System and Remote Monitoring System. Since this acquisition, Lineage has spread its presence like a wildfire not just PAN India, but also in Africa & South East Asia with over 4000+ strong workforce. Today, it’s one of the most aggressive telecom solution providers globally offering various products, telecom turnkey (infrastructure) solutions & services. In fact, its Hybrid Power solutions based on localized
services and expertise leveraging
the industry’s leading and cutting-edge technology are recognized in these continents. Owing to these sterling solutions, Lineage Group companies was bestowed with ‘Karnataka State Best Exporter of Year’ in 2014-15.

"Lineage offers comprehensive solutions encompassing software, services, customization services and hardware for setting power systems of telecom passive infrastructure organizations"

An End-to-End Solution Provider
Lineage offers comprehensive solutions encompassing software, services, customization services and hardware for setting power systems of telecom passive infrastructure organizations. These solutions are designed to suit any power requirement within the telecom sector right from site design management, planning, installation to after-sales service. For instance, for smart towers, it offers remote management and hardware solutions.

These integrated platforms collect data from various sources and monitor entire cell site passive network & service usage continuously and automatically notifies technical analysts in the event of abnormalities or failures. These services offered for all wireless cell sites result with substantial cost saving in CAPAX & OPEX in wireless networks. Moreover, by using microcontroller management systems, Lineage’s energy management interfacing devices utilize the alternative energy solar source and switch from mains source or single power generator to standby battery for parameter testing.

Lineage's solutions are based on proven methodologies, processes
and tools. By blending innovative technologies & economic strategies with best practices and an open relationship culture, the company delivers a best fit packaged solution aligned with the customer’s requirements. “Our partners get single-source accountability right from the design & construction of cell site facility, through engineering and equipment installation, including integrated Energy Management Solutions & Services in Opcos & Towercos domain and have comprehensive domain expertise in this field with capability to offer varied kind of site solutions, due to our combination of Product, Solutions and Services strength for managing site energy and infrastructure in an enhanced manner,” says Venugopal Rao, MD, Lineage Power.

Stanch to its core mission of offering innovative and energy saving solutions, Lineage's futuristic development team does intrinsic research right from design and produces sundry impeccably innovative products. For instance, its ALFA-LUCK is the first integrated Moduler Solar Microgrid Power Management product.

This ISO 9001:2015 & 14001 certified organization adheres to its core values of high quality and tests each product through various international standards. This eco-friendly company designs these products keeping in mind the carbon footprint and also offers Green Solar solutions. While Lineage has rendered all sorts of services and solutions for telecom infrastructure in India, SE Asia and Africa, its latest endeavour has been to grow its project services portfolio.