MPower India: Providing Sound Solutions in a Product Industry

Mayank Mittal,DirectorOn 11th March, 2011, the world woke up to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, one of the largest nuclear disasters in the history of nuclear power generation. Set in motion by the tsunami that had followed the Tōhoku earthquake, the active reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma automatically shut down their sustained fission reactions. Unfortunately, the tsunami disabled the power backup which resulted in insufficient cooling and consequently caused three nuclear meltdowns, hydrogen-air explosions, and the release of radioactive material in Units 1, 2 and 3 between 12-15th March.

The incident goes to show the criticality of power backup, especially in an industrial setup. Although not every power backup failure would lead to such devastating consequences, yet, any downtime of critical applications has the potential to adversely affect a business entity. Functioning with the objective of empowering businesses with sure-fire power backup solutions is MPower India Pvt. Ltd. “In today’s India, where the government is rapidly moving towards developing infrastructure and the industrial sector is expanding by the day, any downtime of critical applications can not only lead to financial loss, but also affect lives of many,” explains Mayank Mittal, Director, MPower India.

With a single-minded focus on the power segment, the Mumbai-headquartered organization deals in Industrial Batteries, Online/Offline UPS, High Capacity Inverters, and Servo Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers. Authorised partners of Exide Batteries, the company also works with leading UPS OEMs such as Delta, Vertiv (Emerson), APC, Numeric, Microtek and Golden for Servo Stabilizers and Isolation Transformers. They also undertake repairs and annual maintenance contracts for all leading brands of Online/Offline UPS, High Capacity Inverters, and Servo Stabilizers. Acting as a one-stop-destination for all power backup solutions, MPower India holds the capability to increase the availability and uptime of mission-critical applications or processes, from a simple desktop PC to a large Internet Data Center. Standing tall on the foundation of sound knowledge, impeccable service and unwavering work ethic, MPower has not only crafted a long list of dedicated clients, but has also seen consistent growth since its inception. Catering to clients across India, the firm works with businesses from various industry sectors such as BFSI, IT, government, healthcare and manufacturing amongst others.

Covering the Entire Power Segment
Although India is the fourth largest producer of electricity worldwide, the country still struggles with a power deficit situation. As a consequence, India has always been a large consumer of power backup solutions. Given the rapid expansion in terms of industries and infrastructure across every nook and cranny of the country, the need for power backup solutions today is higher than ever. A recent report by Research and Markets concluded that between 2018 and 2023, the market for UPS systems in India will grow at a CAGR of more than eight percent.

Having anticipated the growth in the power backup industry long ago, Mayank had founded MPower India along with his father Sanjay Mittal, Founder & Director, in 2006. “12 years back, our journey began as a solution to a problem I had observed across Mumbai, i.e., frequent power cuts,” narrates Mayank. MPower India initially
targeted the residential sector by selling inverters and batteries. Steadily having built a client base of over 5000 customers, the company still caters to the clients whenever a replacement or service is required. However, the residential power situation began to get better, hence the company moved towards the industrial sector.

"Our core specialization is in the industrial segment today and over 70-80 percent of our turnover is derived from Online UPS and batteries"

“Our core specialization is in the industrial segment today and over 70-80 percent of our turnover is derived from Online UPS and batteries,” explains Mayank. The firm has chosen to deal exclusively with Exide batteries owing to the brand’s impeccable quality. A 60-year old brand, Exide batteries are available across India. Having the perfect balance between product range and service support, Exide is one of the biggest OEMs for battery in all of Asia. The company also focuses heavily on R&D, making its products future ready.

In a power backup setup, the battery is connected to the UPS which converts the battery’s stored power(DC power) into electricity(AC power). Therefore, the UPS is a critical product.“If your UPS does not perform, it won’t matter which brand of battery has been installed by the customer as the power backup will not work at all,” explains Mayank. Thus, MPower India also renders UPS as a part of its product portfolio. In keeping with its philosophy of upholding quality solutions, the company has partnered with the five major UPS brands out of more than 500 brands present in the Indian market. All of these brands are MNCs, and have a large footprint across the country and ensure a service turnaround between 2-8 hours. “UPS are tailor-made products as each client’s requirement is based on their particular site and application, hence we had to partner with multiple brands,” Mayank elucidates.

While working with a host of industrial clients, MPower India identified that owing to industries being located in interior areas, where the power supplies were wayward and erratic, various companies were facing challenges. Answering the market’s needs, the company has recently added transformers and voltage stabilizers in its product portfolio. After scouring the market for the perfect brand to partner with, MPower zeroed-in on Golden Electronic Controls India, a leading manufacturer based in Coimbatore.

Upholding Quality Service Pre/Post Sales
The power backup product market does not run on monopoly and is home to a large number of distributors and sellers. With a host of product providers to choose from, it all boils-down to the quality of service that a buyer receives that helps them chose one vendor over the other. Having recognized the pulse of the clients, MPower India lays most emphasis on rendering unblemished service to its customers. “The products that we deal with are not a luxury but an absolute necessity for companies as no business wants to have downtime in terms of its critical applications. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that we render with the best product along with the best service,” says Mayank. MPower India looks into various factors such as engineering and sizing among others, before supplying any product to the client.

Since every business’ product requirements vary depending upon its location, size and application, the company provides tailor-made products to its clients. Unlike other vendors that function as a mere product provider, MPower India first encourages dialogue with the client to understand their specific needs.
Covering any loophole in the client’s understanding, the MPower team then pitches the product best suited for a customer’s specifications. “We are not mere product providers, but solution providers,” proudly adds Mayank.

Looking beyond making a sale, the company ensures that clients receive the best quality products. For the same, MPower India has put its own quality checks, including checks for any technical glitches, packaging issues and numbering faults in place before dispatching a product. Additionally, Mayank has built a backend service team that deals with every complaint registered by a client. “Although every OEM that we work with provides users with warranty, our backend service team takes-up the responsibility to follow-up with the OEM on behalf of the client,” says Mayank. Every complaint registered by a client is dutifully taken care of right from lodging to closing by the MPower India team.

"Owing to the quality service provided by the company, MPower India ensures repeat business from all its clients"

Additionally, functioning with a limited product profile is a deliberate choice by the firm as it lets the team renders faultless solutions and service to its existing customers. Owing to the quality service provided by the company, MPower India ensures repeat business from all its clients.

Ensuring Steady Growth
Having built enduring relationships with clients, MPower India has come a long way in the industry. Over a period of time, Mayank has gained a great understanding of the market which helps him stay a step ahead of client needs. The industry today majorly uses lead acid batteries but in the years to come, the market for lithium ion batteries will also be on the rise. Currently, being used majorly in electric vehicles, lithium ion batteries will transition into being used largely for industrial application down the line. “The technology may change over a period of time, but battery as a product will always be required by the market,” adds Mayank. Instead of expanding its product portfolio, the firm is positive towards adding new technologies that take shape within its own product range.

The self-funded organization that today dictates the market across western part of India is working towards expanding its presence across other parts of India as well. With the industrial market growing and new sectors coming-up, MPower India is working towards tapping each sector in every corner of the country. Having witnessed a steady growth of over 20-22 percent YoY since its inception, the power backup specialist is working towards upholding its growth rate. Having built a strong working partnership with industry leading OEMs and clients alike, MPower India has become synonymous with a provider of quality services.

Mayank Mittal, Director
Mayank started MPower as his own proprietary business at the early age of 18 under the guidance of his father Sanjay Mittal. Having graduated with legal studies(BLS LLB), he started the company during his college days with an initial intention of honing his PR skills so it would help him establish himself in the legal field in future. However, having realized the tremendous market potential the power backup industry holds and also with a hankering to serve the society with quality product and service, he decided to continue in the power backup business with a focused vision of growth.

Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Industrial Batteries, Online/Offline UPS, Inverters and Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers