Lex Protector: Conducts Seamless Search to Safeguard Registered Inventions from Patent or Mark Infringements

Aurobinda Panda,Founder & Managing Partner
Aurobinda Panda
Founder & Managing Partner

Proprietors in today’s ever-evolving marketplace greatly tend to expand their businesses across the global platform besides the national boundaries and hence are exposed to numerous challenges in procuring patent protection and trademark registration as per the international laws. These challenges are further exacerbated with an invention unveiled in one country being patented else where or the same invention being replicated by someone else or a profuse of products left unprotected over the online market. But Lex Protector, an International Law Office specialized in IP Law, handholds both its international and national clients meticulously, combating the aforementioned challenges by crafting a bevy of patent and trademark services.

Genuinely Client-Oriented
When clients’ face objections from the registry or third parties or other bodies at any step of the IP registration process, Lex Protector
ensures to enlighten them on the actual reasons for delay and quash the issues immediately. Since its inception in 2012, the firm is endeavoring to attain maximum client satisfaction and henceforth, devised a ‘Live Chat’ system wherein its team of experts analyze each query of its clients, conduct thorough research and accordingly resolve them at any time of day and night. It also fuses essential software and technologies into all its service providing systems to produce an organized customer management system, track them and relentlessly reciprocate to each one of their queries. For instance, Lex Protector employs Bitrix, a pre-eminent CRM software for day-to-day functioning that has reduced their dependence on multiple software and has contributed in escalating their employees’efficiencies.

Full-Fledged Services
At Lex Protector, all the services are in tune with a very uniform structure. The firm firstly arranges a consultation with the client to comprehend their issues and decide the requisite service. Post the procurement of this data, it conducts thorough search to check what kind of service will fulfill the client’s needs. Once the search concludes, the firm files the client’s application, seamlessly monitors the status of the mark to update them on the same and eventually grants protection to their IP Asset. “In contrast to similar other law firms
confining their services to only registration of clients’ IPR, we conduct searches on a regular basis to check for patent or mark infringement in order to safeguard clients’ IPR while informing them on the same,” articulates Aurobinda Panda, Founder & Managing Partner, Lex Protector. Additionally, Lex Protector provides consultancy via both online and offline mode wherein it addresses the clients’ issues and assists them in the best possible way.

Lex Protector adheres to a set of rules, standards and regulatory compliances in accordance with the nature of service the client seeks for. Its team of experienced legal professionals holding the expertise to deal with a bulk of legal issues regularly invents new ideas and methodologies to serve clients better. Furthermore, they continuously strive to revamp the website into a more user-friendly platform with a few changes or inclusion of new features.

With revenues surging twice to that of last year, Lex Protector envisages to grow more than 200 percent YoY for the next five years. Post the recent opening of a branch at Tallinn in Estonia (Europe), the firm also aspires to expand its services globally in the upcoming years and become more approachable.