Laptech: Opening New Avenues in the Computing Hardware & Rentals Space

Kamlesh Mehta,Director

Kamlesh Mehta, Director

Service-oriented architecture paradigm for orchestrating large-scale distributed applications offers significant cost savings by reusing existing services. In this virtual economy, cloud computing, database, servers, and others are all set to replace high capital expenses for infrastructure with lower operational ones like renting cloud resources on demand by the application providers. Additionally, allocating and installing such huge capital-intensive resources hold the potential to leave 50 percent of the hardware resources (i.e., CPU, memory, and disk) idle, thus incurring unnecessary operational expenses without any profit. Moreover, as clouds scale-up, hardware failures of any kind are unavoidable. Apparently, renting of servers, desktops, laptops, and high-end workstations become logical and economical solution rather than right-away purchasing these. As such, Mumbai-based IT-hardware solution provider Laptech provides high-end computing solutions, bringing-in affordable and scalable rental options.

Interestingly, Laptech started way back in the year 1999 when the desktop computers were making
their ways inside the homes across India. The predecessor to Laptech was Rajguru Computers Solutions, which witnessed its advent with a vision to spread hardware and renting across the nation sensing the massive potential of IT infrastructure. Soon, Laptech steered in opening new avenues in the Indian computing hardware space. It provides the facility to size the right product which is commercially viable and scalable to the customer through a sound technical support system combined with a committed sales team.

"Understanding that the customer vertical is of paramount importance leading to sizing and designing the right product for needed performance and scalability"

“Understanding that the customer vertical is of paramount importance, leading to sizing and designing the right product for needed performance and scalability,” asserts Kamlesh Mehta, Director, Rajguru Solutions. For such nuanced services, Laptech trusts its expertise and does not dilute its stand with tie-ups with vendors and warrants to provide trusted and sustainable services by procuring materials locally. These have enabled Laptech to provide unparalleled service experience and create a legacy of satisfied customers that include Eighty Eighty Pictures, After Studio, VRG, and Resonance IT, to name a few.

Refurbished Servers
The economic fitness instrumental in various applications in the current IT structures ensues renting cost as an increasing
function within the server resources. Buying new servers is a huge investment and can take a big cut in CAPEX. In this segment, Laptech is fully equipped to tackle such costly operations with its refurbished servers. Using refurbished servers can dynamically reduce the replication of geographically-diverse servers, thereby cutting a significant chunk of the cost. Also, Laptech ensures minimizing the risk of incompatibility in the existing IT equipment with the highest standards of quality.

Server Accessories
Meanwhile, Laptech also deals with high-end server accessories that have been tried and tested for exemplary performance in the office space. Offering everything from racking and mounting kits to wheels, plinths to cage nuts to even hard disk drives, server memory, RAID cards, server motherboards, power supply, and backplanes, Laptech brings a range of options from storage solutions, cooling solutions to cable management for various server models.

Discerning the Future
The reigning IT infrastructure company has its own mandate to be followed and that’s what Laptech is all geared for. With the ever-changing hardware models, installing new software, and ensuring best compatibility, all indicate a need for renting of work stations. Laptech in its upcoming stance is poised to work more on renting of the workstation, especially for the humming media industry.