Kritick Analytics: Streamlining Customer Feedback from Multiple Platforms by Leveraging an Adaptable Algorithm

Lakshmi Sharma,Founder Thriving in this competitive scenario is nothing short of a war. While surviving requires several latest technical advancements and acute business strategies, one cannot negate the essence of customer feedback. Often, these feedbacks are highly unstructured and getting valuable insights from these is a Herculean task.

The old norms of gaining feedback clash with the millennial idea of social platforms, for highly comprehensive expression further add to the complexity and chaos.

Gurgaon-based Kritick Analytics is tapping into this ‘hiding in plain sight’ market and is extracting aspect-level sentiments from unstructured reviews (available in surplus) from multiple sources like social networking sites and structured excel sheets, and coalescing them to perform a combined analysis of multiple data sources, perform competitive analysis with similar products and trend analysis to track recent changes in these sentiments.

Lakshmi Sharma, Founder, Kritick Analytics, states, “We provide actionable insights from
unstructured text data, which is currently not used in most others solutions”.

Kritick Analytics provides actionable insights from unstructured text data, which is currently not used in most others solutions

Analytics at its Core
Following a keen observation of the industrial requirements, the team at Kritick Analytics formulated four solutions that will help clients with their diverse needs. The Freemium solution is for B2C use case & trial purpose, and is absolutely free. The Premium Standard Solution is a paid online solution, specifically crafted for small to medium sized enterprises. Customers can now perform analysis themselves, without having to rely on external technical expertise. The third solution, Premium Business Solution is for the medium to large enterprises with huge amount of data. The customers receive professional assistance from Kritick to analyze relevant information and present them with results. Many companies are laden with insurmountable data that require proper assistance and security. Such companies can deploy the API-based service by Kritick that can seamlessly integrate into their own platforms. Lakshmi elucidates, “Our customers can learn to operate the software in minutes and the
interactive dashboards instantly ease their decision making”. The a fore mentioned services rely on the company’s propriety natural language processing algorithms that are customizable and constantly updated to stay in rhythm of the fluctuating market scenario.

Kritick believes in simplifying the analytics world for its clients. For instance, its service, Single URL Analysis is the easiest analysis possible. The user simply has to enter the URL of the feedback page and press analyze button. The customer feedbacks from the URL is extracted and aspect level sentimental analysis is presented on the dashboard. Other features include additional advanced dashboards to track the trends in sentiments for various aspects, compare two similar products and many more. Though the primary data source for analysis is a public domain, other sources like traditional data sources provided by the customers are duly handled with care. The terms of confidentiality of users in these data sources is duly discussed with the customers and appropriate agreement is laid down.

A Path towards Progress
A current team of only co-founders, the passion for the solution curated long surpasses the size of the team. Each member is armed with the strong faith on the relevance of their brilliantly crafted solutions and is currently looking to bring customers on board to take this business forward. “Our development team has made a great solution and we are looking to engage with some potential customers,” concludes Lakshmi.