KRISHLAW: Devises Specific Strategies to Extract Maximum Benefits from IP Services

Praveen Nair, Director- Consulting

Praveen Nair

Director- Consulting

Several surveys reveal that around 72 percent of granted patents for pharmaceuticals are secondary patents. However, secondary patents require huge research, analysis and proper understanding before their enforcement wherein slight negligence in any of these processes often results in duplications of brand, technologies & services. Without legal protection, enterprises have very limited ownership of that brand and struggle to stop others from making money from their success.

KRISHLAW devises a specific strategy to extract the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS for clients, rather than merely registering it. Performing opera search, and meticulous analysis, where it goes through various details involving designs, technologies, availability, and benefits of INTELECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, KRISHLAW not only saves clients from the pitfall of infringement with its unique brand development/designing services, but also shows them the right direction to embark on by offering brand consultation services and educating them regarding trademark registration process, brand
formation and so forth. Unlike other firms that merely follow the traditional style, the firm goes the extra mile and takes additional measures to ascertain that its clients acquire not just registration, but also business. “There are lots of implications and pros& cons but the brand consulted/suggested by us has had almost zero rejections, oppositions & objections,” avers Praveen Nair, Director –Consulting, KRISHLAW.

" KRISHLAW in-house software eliminates all human errors to avoid drafting error and crafts documentation in respect to the entire subject's just one click"

World-Class Solutions
Based on the client’s requirement, KRISHLAW allocates project to the core associates who are from particular back ground – specially in case of patents who completely understand their product & assure its originality, identify patentable technology and advices on how best to modify the technology to make it patentable and commercially viable. Yet another significant benefit clients derive from KRISHLAW is its prowess in efficiently drafting the patent application to obtain favorable outcomes (based on preliminary & extensive search) and genuinely updating clients on possibility of obtaining patent ability for their invention.

Alongside, KRISHLAW in-house software eliminates all human errors to avoid drafting error and crafts documentation in respect to the entire subject’s just one click. Additionally, it sends notifications regarding pending applications & notification on examination to the
concerned department in every 45 days, enabling them to cross check the application status in all the matters and close it rapidly. Once all the desired information is fed in respect to Trademark, Patents, Copyright and Design the same is administered by the software. “We are developing an app through which clients can directly send us the request for any work related to INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, the said information will be directly fed into the software making us easier to draft application & process the same faster & easy,” adds Praveen.

Upgrading Workforce
To secure client’s data, KRISHLAW retains their own server, performs periodic data check just to avoid data loss & leakage, and signs NDA with them. The company that renders end-to-end IP services in India and associate around 180 countries and well aware of regulatory compliances worldwide and keeps its consultants updated. It conducts quarterly training, up skilling its employees on various parameters of applications (which & how applications has to be filled, documents needed for filing and others), to ensure 100 percent outcome and enhanced client experience.

This Pune-based firm with offices in Mumbai, Nagpur & Kolhapur as well, is planning to expand its footprint in other Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kerala, Kolkata and other two tier city. “We have seen lot of litigations coming to us regarding trademark & copyright and now envision to concentrate on international markets hoping for superior & profitable business,” concludes Praveen.