KOGNATE International: User- Interface Display Screens Capturing a Tech-Pro Era

Sharath Chandra M, CEO, Priyanka K, Co-Founder
Sharath Chandra M, CEO
Priyanka K, Co-Founder

Think new, think dynamic is what the world seeks today, surrounded by technological giants who demand creativity and upgradations ever so often. With every tech-savvy finger-tip craving for plausible innovations, these agents of technology utilize its resources to create innovations that simplify & enhance existence and universal union. Qualifying as one such game changer is KOGNATE International, established since 2011 at Bangalore that emerged with a strikingly excellent onset of introducing next-generation display solutions, transforming plain glass facades, office partitions, store windows and so on, into Smart & dynamic interactive areas that derive a sense of personal experience to the user interacting with the device. Alongside this, the company offers solutions to upgrade conventional monitors or TV screens into ingenious touch-interactive devices.

Computing a Touch-Display, User-Interface Vogue
KOGNATE enhances business organizations performance by enabling them to deliver their products & services much more efficiently, thereby improving quality of business by optimizing their products with an enhanced end-user experience. The company possesses a distinct selling-point of being able to
achieve big, and tailor-made displays with their products. Advancing as a leader in its field, the company offers a wide range of services providing window display, multi-touch solutions and value-added services for markets in retail, industrial, medical, education, military & aerospace, automobile and many more.

"KOGNATE possesses a distinct selling -point of being able to achieve big, and tailor made displays with their products"

Having a broad spectrum of innovative display & interactive technologies, KOGNATE’s ultra-thin Rear-Projection Film (RPF)screen technology is made-up of PET, which is only few microns thick and comes with a self-adhesive layer which can be stuck on glass in minutes, thus any size/shape display can be achieved, through a projector that beams the multimedia contents on the screen via computer or a media player. A size of 250’'& up can be reached controlling the brightness through projector lumens.

Widely known as switchable film or switchable glass, KOGNATE’s polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology that comes in two variants (self-adhesive film and PDLC glass itself), which can be used to switch the glass from clear to opaque state and vice versa by just a flick of a switch or remote connected to a power transformer, also acts as a high-resolution rear projection screen in its power-off or opaque state.

Furthermore, the interactive-touch foil is another innovative transparent-touch-sensing film that can be pasted on any transparent-substrate to transform the glass into a touch-screen.
The infrared-touch frame with touch sensors can be over laid on TVs and monitors converting them into interactive touch displays.

The transparent LED is mainly used for façade signage & it will display digital contents on it, while the real product is exhibited behind it for advertising. KOGNATE's multi-touch table & the touch-projection kiosks are a multi-user flat-standing display system that visualizes processes/products at the same time. Not restricting to only high-end clients in the market, like Hitachi, ABB, IBM, andVisveswaraya Museum all of these are used by SME’s & several other bodies from retail spaces, offices, educational & government institutions, to name a few.

Tech-savvy Employee Training& Forthcoming Prospects
Abiding by the regulations of the ROHS, FCC and CE certifications, the company has a dynamic workforce that is quality conscious and customer-oriented. KOGNATE ensures that each and every employee undergoes sound training on the product technicalities to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the company.

Catering to the growing demands and the widespread acceptance of the next generation display technologies, the company witnessed a step-up in its revenue growth. “Carrying forward with bright prospects, KOGNATE International seeks to setup proper experiential cum sales and service franchise network across the globe,” concludes Sharath Chandra M, CEO, KOGNATE International.