Karya Space: Building Unconventional Coworking Ecosystem for the Future Workforce

Arjjun Chander,Founder & Director

Arjjun Chander

Founder & Director

Several researches reveal that startups that work in a coworking space are four times more successful & productive than others as they have higher level of interaction and exposure to various additional domain expertise. On the other hand, these spaces offer a suite of office-like amenities such as communication technologies, reception services, AC workstation, mailboxes, hot-desks, pantry, printing & scanning, meeting & conference rooms, and many more, which come with daily, monthly and yearly rental packages enabling startups and entrepreneurs to reduce their expenditure and achieve financial stability. Located in the heart of Chennai, Karya Space is one such company that renders well-designed coworking space with all aforementioned facilities at affordable cost. “Our flexible & large business center services and malleable work culture enable us to cater white collared companies, startups/entrepreneurs and even NGOs simultaneously through events and workshops, thereby making us unique in the coworking space,” asserts Arjjun Chander, Founder & Director, Karya Space.

The Art of Being Customer-Centric
The flexible pricing and customized services are two of

Running at the forefront of the sector’s growth, Karya focuses on organic approach (giving personal touch) and entertains every client with same effort and in equal promising way

the main factors that help the company retain its customer for a long period of time. Being a highly customizable and adjustible co-working space, Karya goes a step beyond the traditional approach and offers space starting from one desk, and private cabin to large workstation. Karya’s robust flagship products – HEMIT, SOCIAL and GYPSY have not only allowed the company to minimize the cost of shared services & infrastructure to clients, but also given it an upper edge over other players. It offers private cabins for four to six people (HEMIT), fully equipped single workstations with open seating (SOCIAL) and hot/social desks for travelers/mobile professionals on daily basis/10-15 days (GYPSY). Alongside, the company is coming up with Karya JUMBO solution (complete facilities and infrastructure management services) to accommodate the needs of extra large office spaces for MNCs. The company also takes care of beverages, internet pack connectivity, and infrastructure management services of the workstation/rooms, probably the end-to-end service provider.

Running at the forefront of the sector’s growth, Karya focuses on organic approach (giving personal touch) and entertains every client with same effort and
in equal promising way. “We take pride in being most viewed coworking space in Chennai, and most of our leads are from references,” adds Arjjun. A perfect place for startups/freelancers to share their story, network with industry people, an opportunity to pitch the investors, and a chance to connect with mentors during turbulent decision making process, Karya offers these at no extra cost.

Thanks to its strategic location, Karya is redefining work commute that allows the co-workers easy access to their home, food outlets and many more. Leveraging entire services including payment tracking, lead management, invoicing, monitoring, maintenance issues and others on cloud allow the venture to operate remotely from the main office. Its strong team of professionals holding expertise in accounting, operational supervision and others wear different hats based on clients requirements. Additionally, the company hosts events/campaigns in association with NGOs each month with the tenacity to give back to the society.

At present, Karya is adding five new centers in Chennai and three in other cities. The company is also introducing Karya Townhall– an event space/banquet hall accommodating around 250-300 people with all necessary facilities. “We are still in the stage of shaping the little baby we gave birth to in 2016, and its our goal to offer Karya as a way of experience in terms of work or leisure across different business verticals,” concludes Arjjun.