Vorq Space: Connecting Innovative Minds to Cowork, Create & Collaborate

Akshit Mehta, Founder

Akshit Mehta


Taking a tour down the memory lane to schooldays, everyone gets the visual picture of how a budding teacher, a journalist, a doctor, and a chef, all shared a common class, exchanged ideas, and imbibed team spirit. Helping each other learn, boosting morale, and enhancing efficiency, all grew up understanding the joy of togetherness. Evidently, such is the effect reverberating in a Co-Working Space as well. Epitomizing the same is the Mumbai-based Vorq Spaces, a household name in the Co-Working Space market offering the perfect place to cowork, create, and collaborate. Ensconced in 2016, the company has gone an extra mile in perpetuating awareness about the coworking culture in India and is ever-ready to embrace any avenue which aligns to create and motivate it across the globe.

Co-Working in Vogue with Vorq
The cornerstone of coworking strategy lies in enhanced productivity, this very fact has given Vorq all the rage among startups and corporate alike, flaunting an offer none can refuse- A Quality par excellence at affordable rates. The well-furnished plug and play
offices ensure that the conduct of organizations is never perturbed by offering a trial period of three days to visit and check out the vibe of the community. Vorq is all about flexibility and personalization; it not only provides booking options from two-to-five hours but also ensures that no two members have the same package. From hourly passes to Vorqaholic Desks & Cabins, the company offers various packages including a Vorqaholic pass valid for users using the space at night. Proudly explaining the aforementioned, Akshit Mehta, Founder, Vorq Space, evokes, “All our packages are carefully designed to suit the members’ needs and it is our motto to meet those needs individually”.

From hourly passes to Vorqaholic Desks & Cabins, the company offers various packages including a Vorqaholic pass valid for users using the space at night

Contemplating all that one expects out of a Co-Working Space, whether it interesting interiors, high-speed wireless internet, splendid meeting & conference rooms, professional reception, administrative support, or printing facilities and what not, they get it all and more at Vorq Space with an additional Vorq Cafe. Top-class infrastructure and facilities are never an excuse to compromise the security of the space as the company is manned day and night with access to the place
maintained through Biometric Security and the ID Proofs of every visitor is kept in the records at the front desk. CCTV, and personal storage cabinets are other security strategies.

Learning & advice, recruiting & employment, networking & clients and innovating & collaboration are the means through which Vorq Space brings diverse groups together and encourages interaction among them, which is its secret of success. Constantly developing and redesigning its methods of services in terms of technology, flexibility, or hospitality, the company has welcomed many strategies such as partnership with Breathing Room - an online portal enabling booking of fixed desks, meeting & conference rooms on an immediate basis and automotive interventions for smoothening its routine operations and reducing the turnaround time. Further, the company has its own service agreement terms & conditions framed by its Legal Advisory Committee that all members have to abide by. Believing in open communication, Vorq Space conducts and shares market surveys and organizes skill development programs to train the internal staff, always matching up with latest trends in the market, which enables it further to serve clients better. All set to launch 10 more spaces PAN India by 2020, Vorq Space offers an amicable work environment to surround oneself with like-minded people and be a part of large and helpful Co-Working community.