Jannock International: Accomplishing Milestones in the Designing World

Nikunj Goradia,    FounderThe design industry in India is growing at a staggering rate of 23-25 percent annually, transforming how we look at the world around us. Industries that form the designer’s client base are much more aware of design and its importance, with brand positioning and identity becoming the new buzzwords. Headquartered in Mumbai, Jannock International is a creative agency specializing in design, stall fabrication and set creation. It offers services in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, and other major cities in India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Nepal and Germany.

Fueled by the latest technology, the design industry has the potential to grow; however, companies need to ensure that their designs start and end with fulfilling clients’ every need. With the increased focus on creating original design offerings, in-house design departments are noticing a changing trend. Started as a digital marketing company in 2013, Jannock International has a client base of over 800 exhibitors and has completed projects in over 3000 exhibitions providing set designing services. Each client has a unique requirement, and at times, clients approach specialization to stand-out and make a statement in the market. Jannock International understands the task profoundly before providing solutions, sometimes transcending the project’s initial scope and venturing into the space of marketing, communication and PR. “Initially, I
started the company as a digital marketing firm, but as we moved along and my clients started requesting design services, I realized that I enjoy witnessing my creativity come to life”, speaks Nikunj Goradia, Founder, Jannock International.

Servicing from Conceptualization to Installation
Jannock International provides bespoke services to each of its partners, believing in looking at a business in an integrated manner. It offers turn-key solutions for exhibition stand design and fabrication, from conceptualization to installation, kiosk and promotional items manufacturing, mall designer booths and signage boards. It also provides brand strategy, design and consulting services. As a branding agency, it brings a fresh perspective, and as a result of its approach and the collaborative effort of clients, Jannock International creates immersive brand systems for the complete customer experience. The company uses technology at different touch points, especially equipment needed to establish a stall and materials used to bring creativity to play. “We use common sense, decode complex installations and start from scratch to make the experience cost-efficient for our customers”, says Nikunj.

We use common sense, decode complex installations and start from scratch to make the experience cost-efficient for our customers

Despite being a relatively new player in the space, Jannock International has achieved incredible success, trust and support from its partners due to its agile implementation techniques and creative outlook. It ensures that its partners are serviced with international standards and the warmth of India by introducing services like 24x7 workmanship and immersive design exploration. It has a team of 25 people that consists of visualizers, designers, builders and service professionals under one roof with a combined experience of 75 years. Value of words, commitment and building long-term relationship has always been the work ethics of its core team. It has partnered with brands worldwide, such as Linc Ltd, EBM PAPST, Kabra Extrusion Technik Limited, and many others.

Jannock International is looking to grow its footprint globally and enter newer markets. While looking at real-life growth, it is also looking at ways to make its presence felt in the digital world of Web 3.0, searching for ways to explore the Metaverse for its partners and help them differentiate in the space. It aims to grow its team from 25 to 75, be present in at least 20+ countries, and reach 10,000 exhibitions by the end of 2024.