Ivangel: Providing World Class Consultancy Services at Affordable Price

Sanjay Pasari,DirectorIn present scenario, Business Process Service (BPS) is a buzzword among the corporate. Gone are the days when service functions were developed by the corporate in-house for captive use. Today, businesses of all sizes and industries are attracted to BPS providers and expect them to deliver best-in-class operations, marketplace insights, robust regulatory capabilities, well-defined business process know-how and round-the-clock support at pocket-friendly cost. It’s no longer about operational metrics and service level agreements alone; it’s about end-to-end process metrics and business outcomes. Addressing this need is Kolkata-based Ivangel Sales and Services, which provides complete world class consultancy services (manpower & accounts outsourcing, end-to-end office solutions and claims certification) mainly to the clients in BFSI and telecom sectors at affordable price. The venture even undertakes projects for very short duration that are inimical to the business model of the clients without considering cost factor.

Founded in 1999, Ivangel transformed into temporary& permanent staffing, payroll processing, background screening & investigation, compliance &vendor accounts& facilities management, end-to-end temporary office solutions, claims certification, software services,and projects service provider. Highly customized for individual customer’s needs, the
organization offers user-friendly and sophisticated web-based ERP payroll package (to view real time and monitor salary processing & disbursements, entry/exits with superior fire walls & controls) and online attendance & tracker (allow leave management, approvals and processing) that allow different privileges for different levels of access.“We tweak our offering considering specific needs of individual clients, even though it may be a totally new business area for us,” claims Sanjay Pasari, Director, Ivangel.It also manages separate section for job seekers(uploading CVs) and employees (payslip generation, online attendance & leave management and others). Going extra mile, Ivangel provides office space, infrastructure, administration and the required facilitation for short term to long term requirements across India.

Highly customized for individual customer’s needs,the organization offers user-friendly and sophisticated web-based ERP payroll package and online attendance & tracker that allow different privileges for different levels of access

Delight Customer Experience
Today, majority of BPS providers struggle with client’s anytime requirements and priority concern

Amit Banerjee
(without affecting the normal process flow), as they hustle for their share of time & resources. Besides, data protection, real time response &access, non-revenue generating tasks, and timely delivery are major dilemma for the companies in the industry. Ivangel’s self-motivated, dynamic & qualified professionals interact with every client face-to-face, understand their changing needs and deliver relevant solutions within the time frame. They also provides real time access & overview on the entire process & its controls to the clients. In fact,they delight clients through their operational excellence, industry expertise & transformation capabilities, and continuously gear up themselves with recent developments& document technologies that address the afore mentioned concern of the clients.

Work Culture & Roadmap
Over 10,000 employees working across India, Ivangel focuses on employee training and has developed many social platformsfor a seamless transfer of innovations and information across multiple tiers. The venture works on horizontal corporate culture, allowing employees to interact with CEO around the table, instead on emails or memos. “Being a part of the services industry, it is important for us to make sure that our employees are on top of the technologies, since our main aim has always been to make sure that our customer is happy & satisfied,” says Sanjay.

With Kotak Mahindra Bank, Tata Teleservices,ICICI Prudential, National Stock Exchange and many more eminent clients, Ivangel stands to deliver quality services to around 160 offices of its end customers across India. It is now set to enter new sectors apart from its dedicated industries. With a revenue generation of Rs.176 crore, the company is aiming to double its revenue in the coming future.