IPhorizons: Offering Patent Law Services at Par with Global Standards

Naren Thappeta,Founder & CEO
Naren Thappeta, Founder& CEO

From nano-level water purification to non-invasive heart condition detector, there is no dearth of innovation and keen minds in India bearing a huge potential for growth. However, conjoined with this success story is the lack of protection of these innovations, which leaves it much to vulnerability. Despite of the recent Indian Patent Act, India ranks lowest in world ranking compilation by the U.S Chamber International Index, indicating a serious need of necessitating patent protection for organisational assets. Helping companies secure their intellectual properties is Bangalore-based IPhorizons, which adeptly handles the most complex cases by offering competent patent law services based on precise understanding of the underlying technology /science, relevance to markets and adherence to legal principles.
Founded by Naren Thappeta, a registered patent agent in the U.S. and India, an Advocate in India, and Attorney with the bar council of District of Columbia (DC), U.S, IPhorizons is unique in being a patent-centric organization. Moreover, his practice at the US Patent Office and legal precedents there gives the IPhorizons team a clear idea about the Indian laws with grey areas of interpretation. “We have able technologists /scientists with deep subject matter knowledge, and patent agents registered in India. We also have junior engineers to support the leadership,” states Naren who has vast experience in representing startups in both Silicon Valley & India, Fortune 500 companies, solo-inventors, and many others.

Legal Aid at its Best
IPhorizons enjoys the exposure to global markets, thanks to Bangalore’s international connectivity which enables the team to undertake complex IP cases and resolve them from a universal perspective. Poised in the higher end of the spectrum as a one-stop Patent legal solutions provider, its portfolio encompasses drafting of patent applications, opinion work, Evidence of Use (EOU)charts, pre-filing patent ability searches, invalidity searches, validity
searches, landscape studies, freedom-to-operate(FTO) studies, due diligence studies, IP Counselling & Auditing, Searches & Analysis, Appellate Practice and representation in US & Indian Patent office among others. It has so far catered to notable names like Oracle, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Honeywell, Nvidia and many more pioneers from science & technology, electronics, telecommunications and more. Through its patent application services, IPhorizons leverages its expert specialization in an array of technologies & legal knowledge and assists client in creating iron clad document citing relevant ownership, bringing forth largest possible coverage with a highest chance obtaining a patent for their invention and ideas.

Furthermore, its software patent offering arms clients with superior economic tools in the form of protection of a program, which would otherwise stay vulnerable, as it cannot be protected under copyright or trade secret law. “We intend to expand our team/partners to represent clients in cutting-edge technologies globally and focus starting with Silicon Valley where my initial roots are,” concludes Naren.