IPCalculus: Empowering Clients with Customized 'IP' Solutions & Quality Deliverables

Back in 80s when science and technology was progressing in manifolds, some inventions were radical breakthroughs in those realms and extended boundaries of human intelligence and experience. In order to induce exclusivity incentive, Intellectual Property System or IP laws came into existence, marking a bargain for patentability. While in 20th century, the concept procured prominence and indispensability, today, patents are an integral part of modern methodology to debar merchandising of indigenous discoveries and original inventions. As IP laws adherence, IP Creation, Validation, Monitoring and Management are Herculean tasks, Surat-based IPCalculus (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company) proffers customized, comprehensive portfolio of IP and technology consulting services with excellence in quality servicing, confidentiality and deliverables.

Kirtikumar Patel,Founder & MD
Kirtikumar Patel, Founder & MD

Since its inception in 2009, IPCalculus has taken a form of credibility and trust by providing global assessment of invention novelty/patent ability before filing a patent, clearance/FTO opinion before commercialization of product (single, multi-jurisdiction or globally) and claim mapping/EOU charts for litigation matters. Further, the firm
effectuates landscape study and competitive intelligence study for multiple strategic business purposes including new entrant identification, mergers & acquisitions, technology innovation shift, white space, recruitment, and many more. “Our IP monitoring services not only include continuous watch for patents, trademark and design but also help in finding potential infringers. They are used by our clients to keep continuous track on what’s new in their domain and technology of interest,” asserts Kirtikumar Patel, Founder & MD, IPCalculus.

" IPCalculus effectuates landscape study and competitive intelligence study for multiple strategic business purposes "

An Array of Services
Vis-à-vis other firms that lack domain expertise, IPCalculus stands at par by providing unbiased, accurate and reliable data for effective decision making, as decisions are only good as the data upon which they rely. It has forged a stellar reputation with deep industry expertise in multilingual (English, German, French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese) search, global patent and non-patent search, multistep quality control, quality assurance processes and methodologies that assists in delivering high-quality services. While the entire data is processed in-house to maintain confidentiality, customizable interactive dashboards and conventional reporting formats ensure on-time deliverables.

Performing meticulous IP searches for prior-art, FTO, invalidation, bio-sequence, chemical structure, design patent, infringement and trademark search, the firm renders
IP analytical services including landscape studies, due diligence, patent portfolio analysis/bench-marking, technology trend analysis and product /standard mapping. Yet other significant benefit that clients derive from IPCalculus is its prowess in providing IP support services that broadly covers quick pair - patent monitoring & alert, patent file history analysis, patent translation, data verification, patent term adjustment calculation, claim to claim mapping, patent proofreading, document delivery, IP administrative services and application status check. IP drafting & filing for patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design informs how and when the registration should be filed.

Tech-Secured Assistance
Elucidating on IPCalculus’ tech-enhancements, Kirtikumar states, “Our in-house IT & software development team is equipped to develop and integrate advanced technologies such as process automation using machine learning and artificial intelligence”. ICSA Labs,NSS Labs, NDPP and EAL4+ Certified Unified Threat Management(UTM) hardware and Central Security Management system are installed for central monitoring of IT resources and endpoints data security with 24/7 surveillance. Moreover, the firm signs CDA with clients and its team members for securing sensitive data information.

With offices in India & South Korea, IPCalculus owns a prestigious clientele portfolio including Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and Vault Law 100 law firms. Graphing a whopping success rate, the firm envisages establishing offices in U.S., U.K. and Canada while also offering IP drafting and filing support in similar avenues along with European and APAC countries.