IP Moment: Abridging IP Complexities Globally

Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave,Founder & MD
Dr.Pareshkumar C.Dave, Founder& MD

Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property(IP)rights are two most important tools for fostering innovation and creativity in any industry. However, the Indian landscape remains one of the world’s most challenging economies in terms of protection and enforcement of IP making it tough for Start-ups or individuals to attain the full potential of their IP. Working with the objective of nurturing and cultivating intellectual property rights based Start-up companies and providing sound assistance to individual inventors is the key role of IP Moment, a multidisciplinary company providing services in Patents, Trademarks, Designs and copyrights.

The Delhi headquartered firm is adapt at dealing with the entire IP lifecycle starting right from providing consultations, searching, drafting, filing, prosecution and maintenance of patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights both nationally and internationally. Founded in 2016, IP Moment has built speciality in diverse areas of technology such as software & IT, electronics and communication, semiconductors, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

IP Experts
The young firm’s armour is its strong
yet diverse team which consists of Doctorates and postgraduates in basic sciences, engineering and law with remarkable experiences in diverse fields. With the sole focus on providing clients with the right direction, the company delivers high quality reports with speedy turnaround time. Unlike other IP solution providers, IP Moment offers practical and ‘hands-on’ services. “We work closely with our clients to get to know them, their business and the issues they face both now and in the longer term,” says Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave, Founder & MD, IP Moment.

"IP Moment’s armour is its strong yet diverse team which consists of Doctorates and postgraduates in basic sciences, engineering and law"

The capable IP Moment team renders a host of services including IP consultancy, IP management, support services, and Start-up consultancy. Holding expertise in patents, the company aids clients with patent ability search, which is performed before filing a patent application to check the invention for novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability. The company also renders infringement search when the patent holder needs to check if any product available in the market is infringing their patent rights or not. Clients also take benefit from claim analysis which helps to find the scope of the claims of patent applications or issued patents. In terms of IP Management services, IP Moment helps clients to manage the dockets or data related to patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights. The firm’s main support services include docketing, paralegal, data verification, and illustration preparations.
Global Services
Catering to a host of global clients across US, Canada, Israel, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Brunei, and Sweden, IP Moment has expertise in filing PCT patent applications, filing trademarks through Madrid protocol, and filing patents and trademarks with various patent and trademark offices. The firm also works closely with American and Canadian law firms to provide them expert services, such as various patent searches, patent drafting, and preparation of responses for patent, design and trademark office actions. “While working with IP Moment, these law firms are lowering their operation costs with availing best quality IP services and consequently increasing their own team efficiency,” says Dr. Paresh.

Growing from Strength to Strength
Within a short span of time the young organization has achieved remarkable milestones such as over 100 satisfied clients, more than 250 patent applications drafting, 200 Indian Trademark registered, 25 US trademark responses prepared and successfully registered, 20 Copyrights registration, and 10 designs registration.

In order to strengthen the IP scenario in the country, IP Moment is working towards establishing one common platform where researchers, academicians, innovators, Start-ups, and investors can interact and generate ‘IPR-For-Society’ which will be more beneficial to the society at large. Having recently opened two new branches at Mehsana (Gujarat) and Guwahati(Assam), the company is solidifying its presence across India.